Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad Karma!

When ever you make a mistake and trade a DEFENCEMAN for a forward the bad luck can last 5 sometimes 10 games!

Now the pace of the game has become marginally a step too fast for Matt Carkner...we cannot recover from a mistake a game and the resulting goal!

Picard's speed, reach and positional play will be missed!

Pascal may be done...when you are a reaction goalie and get those "Happy Feet"'re done!

Phillips, Alexei, Alfie all the old men seem to be content to let the kids play!

"Karl" requires the danger of playing with Kuba to keep him sharp defencively!

Mount Sutton looked OK!

Big goal from Cullen @ CENTER! Leave "Loverboy" on the wing in Dreamland!

Leave Shannon with Spezza and tell Jason he is "Officially" THE SHOOTER on that line.

I guess Campy, when ready, goes in and Carks comes out...I can't see leaving Brian Lee in there either.

Nice substitution by "Ells" do we leave our goal keeper completely on his own out there sometimes.

Things my father told me: "Some nights you'd think your DEFENCE was playing on the other team!"


  1. Can you give it up with Picard please, there's a reason he was the only player traded, he sucks... players sometimes just don't work out in certain places maybe the move to Caro will make him better, but in Ottawa he was horrible.

    I agree with most things you say, but this one I can't at least not for his time here in Ottawa

  2. Yes, moving right along. A couple of gaffes early, not to be bailed out by the goalie and deflation occurs. When this team is struggling they can make mediocre netminders look like the second coming of Sawchuk or Dryden. They were better the second half of the game.

    Kovalev-Cullen-Fisher would be a good line if Fisher would as you say, get the hell out of dreamland. Seriously, his play the last 10 games is sub sub-par. Better Regin-Cullen-Kovalev and put Fish as third pivot with Shannon and Ruutu.

    I give it two more games for the FCK line to gel - see how that line is missing a U?

    Energy level, intensity, and forecheck need to pick up. Next comes Tranna. They burned us last time - time to use em as a springboard for a win streak ...

  3. MOP:

    Elliott starts...time to re-group...Alfie into the breach once again to lead us out of this!

  4. I hope CC knows what he's doing with Pascal... I just don't see Elliott getting us far into the playoffs on his own. Maybe it's time to give "Not Martin" another shot in the bigs.

  5. Oman:

    I know we can't do it but I would love to give Saint-Pascal (And we all really like his game) the rest of the Reguler Season Off, let him fool around in the "A" to be used as an Emergency recall in the play-offs.

    And bring in the "Statue" his old style of no movement except the trapper!