Saturday, October 31, 2009

For all you talk show callers!

For all you talk show callers and about half of the "Internet Arm Chairs" and for all you guys who got sent down from Pee Wee to House League when you were a kid:

Alexandre Picard...21 minutes...23 shifts...the Coaching staff is starting to warm to Alex especially if we are behind, he's the only D-man we have who can generate anything on the net...6 shots on goal, only 1 blocked in 7 attempts...

Picard is -2...on for the last gasp attempt to tie it and picks up a -1 for the Afino/breakaway, Pascal had him ...another indication of who they wanted on the ice...on for the second Atlanta goal with Campy and it's a bank/corner pool shot fluke but what I didn't like was the fact that Carvel is determined to get "the Chaperone" out there with Philly for some reguler shifts...WTF ya can't mess with our fragile DEFENCE CORPS.

We like #14; Campy is great value for $ but his size was accentuated by playing along side the "Pup" and now it's definitely becoming an issue...2nd goal he is completely hidden by two Atlanta at least leave him with Philippé...for years as many older players/bloggers, myself included have advocated, especially "Grinder", play an "O" man with a "D" type guy together on each Defencive Pairing.

Finally, every goalie we meet looks like Terry Sawchuck, we have no corner pickers, our game is so fast we are shooting for general areas...with not much luck I might add...the only thing we used to do when it got this bad and this included the big "Shooters!" leave it on the ice (2" max) and play pin ball! With all the time we have this week ya gotta practice will freak everyone out and you create some super chances!

"Stumble?" so says Sensay!

Sens beginning to stumble! Yes, a little and when you misstep, you show your weaknesses:

1) Glaring need for one more Big Time NHL DEFENCEMAN!

2) Glaring need for one first line Right Winger for Spezz and Milan!

3) Glaring need for Saint-Pascal to have a couple of those games where "He don't miss nuttin'!"

4) Glaring need for CiCi to not shorten his bench 'till late in the third!

5) Glaring need for Kovy and Alf to "own" our Power Play...I don't care if you don't score right away...just scare the sh&t out 'em!

Note: I have killed a few penalties, you know when you are over matched and you then overplay it and thus become easy meat!

6) Glaring need for our Center Ice Men to come back down low and really help the DEFENCEMEN...don't just stand there get that puck!

This will be a good tilt for us...saw 'em live these guys can really skate!

Friday, October 30, 2009

"To be or not to be!"

Missing #24 & #19 knocks a large hole in our Line-up.

Saint-Pascal, here's where ya earns your money!

Split the kids...#45 with #39; #55 with #4; #14 with #17.

I'd go to 3 lines but CiCi goes:

#73 #22 #10;

#27 #12 #11;

#9 #43 #71

#41 #26 #25

No excuses...just win this one!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alex Picard...take four!

Alexandre Picard...after 9 games is a team leading +5, his record is 6-1-2, he plays anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes a game, when teamed with the "Chaperone!" they comprise the best 5-6 pair in the league..."bar none!"...they were projected as a right winger and a 7th Defenceman.

So all you "Arm Chairs" and Sens Chirp commenters, you have lost the right half of your 1-2 Shut Down Pair as projected...we are faced with Brian Lee, Chris Campoli and Alexandre Picard playing a lot of important hockey for are allowed to pull for them as a are allowed to criticise...but should you become "Hyper" critical as in Alex's lose all credibility and it shall be pointed out to you and all of the Net.

Listen to the Toronto guys...that guy Elliot (an old goalie) with Atlanta et al...they don't like our defence either but they just can't explain how we not just win but out play everybody!

Enjoy...the whole is better than the sum of it's parts!

Hamblown the Half Assed Analyst!

This blogger admits that he only watched half the game and then proceeds to tell us what we saw during the whole game.

I question his take on Alex Picard, who plays 15 minutes, is a plus one and just happens to lead his team for the season after ten tough games @ plus 5.

For example he sites Alex's penalty where our right D-man makes a poor dump behind the net right to a Florida guy...Picard must take him (the correct play to make) and as Alfie, our Captain, argues after, 45 got part of the puck! A very iffy call at best.

Hamblown talks about 3 give aways...#45 is credited with 2 hits and 3 blocked shots but no give aways!

Did this "fool" not know the fix was in...does he not know how disruptive 6 unanswered penalties...7 total... are! My question to my you really know what you are seeing?

Finally he congratulates a player, who was demoted, benched and 4th lined...what condescention...then has the Gall to place this garbage on not one but two blogs!

Do not commit these errors again or I shall bring the hockey gods down apon you!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well CiCi here is your chance!

Matt Carkner, the Chaperone, becomes the "Shot blocker", the 2-man and moves all the way up to play with Philly in Tampa.

Lee should come up but not for tomorow...give Brian #55, one day, there will be no practice for the other three and roll 'em evenly...Kuba doesn't have to try and play 27 minutes...ya saw him start to wilt there tonight.

As we warned you at Training Camp, #17 & #24 are going to be in and out of the line up all season. If I were the Defenceman's coach and I am, we would cary 7 D and play 'em all, changing one man each game.

Or play #45 & #39 as your 3-4 pair, give Mr. Kuba to Chris Phillips to look after and bring back the "Pup" for Campoli!

PS: I'd bring 'em both up, that's #65 and #55, we are going to need 'em both... gas the extra forward..."Erik" played forward in Frolunda as a lark...Alexandre is actually a pretty good winger, really goes to the net and been known to get the odd one in close!

PPS: Oh Oh! $2.6 mill...would you believe Thomas Kudelka @ $533,333. or Johnny walks the plank!

The 3rd Set or 3rd Line or 3rd Pair of Defencemen!

Jason, we don't use that terminology anymore, it's more prestigious to call them the 5-6 pair!

"Pic" and the "Chaperone", our 5-6 pair shall play mostly against Florida's second line (not the third line) and all our defencemen, will see a little action against their fourth line...6 minutes total divided by's been like this since 4 line hockey began in the 60's.

Picard has some short comings but from Matt's perspective to look up and see Alex playing his position...always in the right help recieve the puck...Picard knows when to go on Offence... they both know to guard the front of their net...everyone knows this but these guys do it...

Let's celebrate these two 5-6 pair in the league right now "bar none" and they got the stats to prove it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Karlsson and the "A"!

Ya can't put any weight on playing as a 1-2 pair D-man in the AHL. Too many games...too many miles on the Bus...too many In and Out Burgers...too many bumps and bruises to heal...too many card games (nerveous energy) and finally too many 4th liners trying to squash you on the wall.

You are too lonely, too transient, too little time to relax...this young Viking may still go home's all about time with this man...time to mature, time to grow, time to make love for days at a time, time to pack on the beef, time to do some serious weight training.

Jason York is the only guy I know who liked playing in the "A" and I played with and knew quite a few!

If "Erik" is not coming right back up and he is not...Alfie and I say send him home!

PS: Minor Pro and the "Show!" are two completely different worlds populated by completely different animals!

PPS: The "A" is like 82 games of training camp...the league is filled with NHL 3rd and 4th liner wannabes, trying to beat you down so that they can get ahead.

The Cup...The Stanley Cup!!

We're not gonna win the cup this year...I heard this from, of course, three or four anonymous bozos, who don't have the guts to use an identifier...

Bryan brings in Brian Cambell; CiCi wraps Kuba's mid section with "pianna wire"...Confederate style...Jason finds his stroke and a Right Winger..."Pic" and the "Chaperone" remain the best 5-6 pair in the League and Saint-Pascal shuts the church door...

We may not get Stanley right away but we clean the EAST!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Leif Eriksson

Just like Erik the "Red" and other great Vikings ya don't send your kid to the New World until he's ready to conquer!

Leif Eriksson did his dad proud just like our Erik Karlsson will do next year and for years to come.

These guys, the Swedes/Vikings do it right...good wine, lots of red meat, good company and lots of exercise...Frolunda can fete Erik for one more year...Hugo and his mom can hit Alf for a trip home to watch him play...all's well!

Two men short!

Sunny, warm, soft, easy Florida brings out Kuba and everyone gets fat!

We need one good big man for Hugo's "Erik"! The right man actually will create two as Karlsson will be allowed to excel and play full minutes. So over offer and over pay for this good big man he's worth two!

And we need a 1st Line Right Winger, fast enough to keep up and soft enough in the hands to sink the odd one. And...and we might just have him...Winni gets his shot...failing that Kelly gets a shot, as he is currently playing like a bum as a center on the 4th line.

PS: To the Left Post...give Kovy, down low on his off wing, it's his position of strength and Alf the Power Play and get out of the way, Mr Carvel!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hey "Crossbar!"

Yah, Bruce that's you...four feet off the ice, 6 feet wide, you know...

Question: If Kuba is not coming back...and he'll never be at 100% again... why don't you ask one of your insiders... what is Bryan doing with the 8 million... going on 11 (discounting Kuba) in open salary and CAP space, when he has an American League forward and Tampa's #7 Defenceman playing 3-4 on his D-Corps. for 8 games now?

PS: Years ago we used to say: " an attribute that all good Sports Reporters should have from their Team! That charter seat can get heavy at times!"

PPS: At training camp do they swear you to secrecy...a Howard Berger type investigative reporter would have been all over Kuba in Sick Bay @ Camp! Did you drop another one here?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Team Meeting!

Before the morning pre-game skate, ya get Alf and the 4 centers, Jason, Fish, Petr and Kelly...down to the garbage door and CiCi, ya tear into them like never before...all the fire and brimstone you can muster.

Our Defence Corps. is in shambles, even #4 & #24 are starting to show the wear of all that ice. Matt didn't play this much in the "A" for most of his career. Hugo's "Erik" thinks North Americans play 40 minute games. Campy doesn't know what to think but he knows they are not happy with him either. And "Pic" feels like the outcast...the child that no one wanted...confidence completely shot! Note: Kuba is no "Goldbrick"...immagine the balls it took to show up "broken" and bullsh*t your way through a full league game...he must have been afraid the insurance wouldn't pay him.

So the plan is to put Mr. Elliott in the net with the proviso that because we have no defence each goal will be blamed on the forward line that is on the ice @ the time of the goal, the appropriate fines will be in order.

If we are going to have any chance vs will be our goalie and the forwards...the B keeper will win this one for us by himself!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saddle up for Boston!

And hang on to your ass, you anonymous arseholes...the "Magic Carpet Ride" is over! Your American League DEFENCE has been exposed.

Kuba is done. Picard is gone. Karlsson doesn't play 3rd Periods. Carkner is not a 4-man. Campoli is a "six". That leaves us two "Show Ponies" for the Bruins...

We have two NHL Defencemen...ya saw how tough it is for the Preds and they have 4, two All what are you anonymous idiots so happy about you had three guys fold tonight.

CiCi ya can't keep shortening your bench like are killin' the four guys you are playing so much and you completely undermine the two guys you are sitting!

Saint-Pascal can't take much more of this

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Did you catch Schribes' @ the 5:20 Sports up date I guess I "am" part of the Organization...imaginary "DEFENCEMAN's Coach!" and #1 fan.

For guys from out West like Dean (He's "light!" then ya he's "light!") and Gord (from the GTA) being here for so long to blindly follow and regurgitate what two young (but very good) inexperienced coaches are leaking to them in a very unique bilingual Ottawa market is inexcusable! Plus their observation and assessment is garbage...Ya want Matt to fall apart...sign him for two more on a one way and play him with an injured Kuba as a #4!! Remember , he is also the "Chaperone!"Alex is as good for him as he is for Alex! They are your 5-6 pair!

And finally our man Garrioch, the "Crossbar" and 4' tall third piece at "Off the Posts!" Bruce for a local guy, who is that close to it and to not to see this and speak up is grounds for dismissal not from work but from Canucnik's List of local experts! Pick it up Boy, you should be leading not following!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The "follow up call" from the Barbados!

Eugene Melnyk for Brian Murray...Bryan answers soundlessly..."Good morning! Bryan, how bad is it cronic...why don't we take him out and str...naw better yet put him on Permanent I.R. Cause ya see I promised Hugo that we'd get some one really strong to look after "Erik" so take #17's money and Brian Lee and go out and get the strongest player we can afford, to shield, mentor and protect "Special K!"

By the way I heard about practice today...your boys really like to make it tough on my American League DEFENCE, changing them all around like that. Don't sit Picard... gas's the waiver wire and out of here...with his numbers they will be lining up to pick him up...because if those imbasils, that's your coaching staff I'm talking about, think they can just let him "rot" they don't know the political position they are putting you in.

"Bryan, this is not the old boys club any more, this is not 1967... where did you find these neanderthals...have you guys looked at Picard's Numbers, he's leading your team...are they trying to write a post script or a brand new chapter to Bob Sirois' "Le Québec mis on échec!"

And finally, should any of this make Saint-Pascal lonely or angry...because he's surounded by Northern New Yorkers, Russians and Western boys...well simply your whole coaching staff is fired!

Bruce... you are fired

Garrioch...I repeat, you are fired! Stop taking up valuable space on Off the Posts. They play better short handed, without you. Your reason...yawning on the job!

We know you think you are the insider and you watch practice everyday...chit chating with Greg and CiCi, but while you were hitting golf balls this afternoon, Bryan mentioned on the radio the play of Picard specifically and he and Matt as a pair...I don't think Carvel (the scoring forward) has sprung it on him yet as to the strategy he's leaked to you.

Note: Kuba is nowhere near ready and they are flipping pairs in brain dead is that? I may have to give Carvel the "Hunt" treatment! And break it all down for him every shift.

PS: For all those who don't think this is a big deal...think again, this is still a very good team with an American League DEFENCE...don't FTU...the Hockey Gods are watching!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The "Call" from the Barbados!

Eugene Melnyk for Bryan Murray: "CiCi, Bryan is absent this morning. Please have Greg Carvel respond on his behalf!"

Collect call from the Ottawa Senators...Eugene picks up: "Greg I'm a little short on time this morning...Greg, you went to St. Lawrence didn't were a pretty fair forward weren't about Clouston did he play any DEFENCE...

Pause "The reason I ask is because know Hugo Alfredson and I are worried about our best friend "Erik" and we heard that Philippé, our highest paid D-man does not wish to cary...sorry play with Karlsson, my prized pick and possession!"

"Greg, a direct much influence does old #17 have on the coaching staff?"

"Well Mr. Melnyk" Carvel responds "Kuba is hurt a good portion of the time so he gets to stand around with the coaches a lot and chew the fat...he thinks he would play better and with less effort if we gave him the "Chaperone" to play with!"

Now MR. Melnyk instructs his Coach..."I thought Canucnik told you guys to leave the "Chaperone" with his man Picard as they are currently the best 3-4 pair in the East and playing better than Kuba ever did even when he was an all star out west!"

G. C. speaks up: "Well, that's what I thought too, but Philly and the "A" Train don't say nothin', the Pup thinks he just has to get away from Campy right now because he just cost him his job and CiCi thinks he has to keep proving himself every day with a better that he's still the smartest guy in the room!"

"OK!" Eugene says to Greg: "You tell Cory that the "Bull of Ostrava" @ $44, 000.oo plus a game, will play 1-2 pair minutes with Karlsson, protecting him, mentoring him and generally just making him into a star or Daniel, Hugo and Hugo's other best friend, me, will be very disappointed in him!"

PS: To Chris Stevenson...nice recovery, when ya hit it short ya gotta get it up and in...that's why you're a player. Nice Par.

PPS: Big decision effects the whole team...Bryan don't be ambiguous tell them exactly what you want and expect!

Heads up CiCi!...and you too Greg!

Before you two very competant "Scoring Forwards" go ahead and do something really stupid with the DEFENCE. Remember you guys got very lucky... ya made a silk purse out of a sow's ear, you took a t-camp winger and your 7 man and made the best, the "cheapest", the highest ranked 3-4 pair in the Eastern not ...I repeat don't FTU...

If you want to call 'em the 5-6 pair OK but do not bust this up...they complement each other beautifully...they are a team!! Note: Alexandre gives Matt structure and position don't under rate this fact.

So forget the politics and the old boys me and the hockey world why we think you are the smartest guys in the room.

PS: If #17 does not want to or is unable to cary Hugo's "Erik"...Hugo told me "Erik" is staying...then we got a problem...we'll cross that bridge later.

PPS: Should you pair #65 with #45 and then back to #14 to switch the blame back and forth...we are not buyin' it. Example: Chris Campoli should not be a minus 3, he's been out there by himself for 6 games. Note: Philippé gets the big money (over $40,000.oo a game) he gets the big job!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hugo's "Erik!"

Wheather Bryan admits it or's games 8 & 9 for one Erik "Special K" Karlsson.

We all think he's a keeper but that's based on Kuba's return to the line up, more specifically settin' up beside the Pup. As games 10 & 11 are in the sunny south, game 9 with the Bruins, who are slowly coming back on track, will be the ultimate early season "Test!"

Here is the can play #39 and #45 as the 3-4 pair for 23-24 minutes to protect their expensive brothers or give Erik his Baptism of Fire?

Note: #14 Campoli got the wrong end of the stick, playing every minute with #65, and deserves to sit, but for two games only! Ya finally got 7 NHL ready D-men, keep 'em fresh, roll 'em in and out of the Line up.

Note2: When I mentioned that Volchy was getting a tad too much ice this early in the season I didn't mean for you to give 'em all to Picard.

Note 3: Some Toronto prognosticator mentioned that in any year, the standings after ten games looks a lot like the way they do at the end of the season?

Note 4: GM Chiarelli is going to make a huge blunder...he's got too much and too much coming...and he's making too many moves...the hockey Gods are watching!

Note 5: Milan Lucic is out...they are not the same team without him...take advantage.

Note 6: Don't look past the Preds...let's walk down and screw 'em all!

PS: Hey Stevenson...let's be honest, your "here and there" statistical analysis never mentioned #45 Alex Picard, who leads the team @ +7, is 4th in the scoring, 1 goal and 3 assists which leads all D-men, has logged the most ice of anyone on the SENS for the last 2 games 24:24 and 23:09 respectively. Gets PP & PK a 6 playing as a 4...What gives?? Most importantly, you and the rest of the Propaganda Corps. missed the fact that the only time Matt Carkner has struggled at all is when he got trapped on the ice with the Pup for a shift or with Volchenkov for a short time. If Dean and you guys are getting the message to soft peddle it then we are in trouble again! Just tell it like it is stats are for golfers and you didn't hit it far enough!

Mr. Kuba...where are you?

To old's time man, we are going to need you for the Bruin's game with a game warm up against the Preds.

We don't need you for the Penalty Kill.

We don't need you on the Power Play unless CiCi wants to keep the pairs together.

We do need you for our 5 on 5 presence in front of our own net...ya don't have to hit anyone just stay there and push 'em out of the way. Don't leave early and don't go behind the net...Saint-Pascal wants you out front protecting him.

"Erik" needs you now...not in another ten games, now!

Should you accomplish this assignment...all is forgotten...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Matt "the Chaperone!" Carkner

Carkner is a little older...more experienced.

Matt just takes care of business...specifically protecting Saint-Pascal; dispatching toughs and guys who thought they were tough; beating up arseholes and repaying old debts all at the same time and yes, looking after "Plus" Picard, who is playing super hockey, on account of the "Chaperone's" presence but also providing Matt with much needed structure and positional play.

In case you haven't noticed they are leading the DEFENCE in every catagory, as the coaches have recognized this and are using them more and more in all situations.

PS: To D. Brennan..."Big Country" was a brutal Basketball Player...don't try to hang it on the "Chaperone!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's big "Georges" VS the "Chaperone!"

If we get up by more than two, it's on!

When Georges gives you that polite invitation...sucker 'im and just keep givin' 'er!

If Georges doesn't like the cut of ya or the fact you're gettin' the better of him, he's going to go for the body slam...all ya can do is hang on and kick his skates out from under him.

6'3" 267 VS 6'4" 230. It's one of the few times Georges will not have a huge reach advantage, Matt is just as "Long Armed" as him!

PS: To "Plus" stay close, if it's an even fight, you guys are on the road, Matt's Linesman is going to catch hold of him first, Laraque may take advantage and go for that one last shot...just tug his sweater at the last moment...or yell like hell at the other Linesman!

PPS: I learned that at Linesman School, if your working Buckingham on a Friday night, you make sure to hold the "Roadie" so the Home Town Boy gets the last shot or you may not get out of there alive that night!

Les Voici! Here they are @ Centre Bell!

Saint-Pascal #33

Philly and the "A" Train

the "Chaperone" and "Plus" Picard

Campy and the "Pup"

The Tranna Play Maker, #9 "Milan" Metre and the "Caboose"

Fish, "Our Captain" and l'Artiste

Boston College, the Sudbury Hard Rock and our "Light Heavy Weight Champion!"

The "Penalty Killer", Chum and our "Pest!"

"OK boys, let's just give 'er!"

Let's hear it for the 3 - 4 pair!

All they did was take care of Lecavalier and his all the fights...move the puck out of their own zone with precision...lead the team in Plus Minus by a mile...score a the most shifts 24, log the most ice time 24:24...and in general be the nicest surprise of this young season DEFENCIVELY where we need it the most.

To all you non believers and call in show experts...wake up! "I told you so!"

Now...don't break 'em up they are much stronger together as a team of perfectly matched heavy horses.

Note: Alf and l'Artiste bring their Magic Show to Snow White (Bob Gainey) and the Seven Dwarfs tomorow night at the Bell Centre.

PS: 3-4 is better known as "the Chaperone" and just call me "Plus Picard!"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lorne Woods!

When I was 18 years old they brought me up to the Senior Ottawa Nationals for one game, Lorne Woods, one of the Head Refs in the CFL, fancied himself as a big tough foot ball player (And a pretty fair defenceman) and as I played football also he decided to put me through the end of the rink at the old "Auditorium"... I have never before or since experienced the sensation of being completely overpowered.

I was a wide reciever running short hooks, a punt returner, a cornerback on D and a tough competitive hockey was a case of the big mature buck just hammering the immature upstart...we hit so hard we knocked the pipe that held the doors closed off it's moorings.

Unless you have been there you have no idea what "Erik" is experiencing, it's not terrifying it's just new and very realize you are not really bullet are just flesh and blood...very young tasty flesh to these if Bryan can't find him a Stud to play with...I'd send him home...not down...home!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saint-Pascal...take 2!

Saint-Pascal heeler of "our"old wounds better start to speak up!

Fact...if you want to drive your goal tender back deep in his net (where he is most vulnerable) start trailing the play and getting those funny deflections that get around him because he's out trying to cut the angle...see #21 last year.

Fact...Carkner and Picard should not be broken up under any circumstances, they are a self supporting unit!

Fact...#14 and #65 look like two Smerfs out there. They accentuate each others size. One game they are dog meat for those big hounds who are on them.

Fact...put Philippé's salary and CAP space to good use right now...if you think Farolero of Ostrava was light before "Ya ain't seen nuthin' yet!

Fact...Lee should be ready to come to the "Show!" This could be his last shot with us.

Fact...Volchenkov, ya gotta love the guy, he's the "Nuts", is playing too much, getting too much ice for this time of the year, we are going to hurt him or burn him out!

Fact...Chris Phillips should not be allowed over the center ice red line...but remember he's still the best in the business in his own end.

Fact...if you can't get the Pup a certified Stud, send him home, no "A"...just skate, score, eat and make love in Sweden. #17 is not the guy he has his own demons!

Let's spend Eugene's MONEY!

Hockey is a tough business, Kuba needs some serious R and R. "groin"...could be abdominal or a "Sports Hernia". Bryan should be reading "Long Term Injury Reserve". Take his 4 mill (3.7 rounded off) put 2 more with it and let's go buy us "one", who is going to save the "Pup's ass" and complete the Defence Corps. We are talking 5th place or the Golf Course here!

"L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!" General George Patton.

PS: Gord...Nik is no profit he sees what he sees!

PPS: Or...give Brian Lee a raise and bring him up to the SHOW...send the Pup home and hang on to see if Campy and Lee can stand alone.

Les Voici! Here they are for Tampa!

Saint-Pascal #33

Philly and the "A" Train

"Big Country" and the "Gatineau Point Man!"

Campy and the "Pup"

The Tranna Play Maker, the Speed Merchant and the "Caboose"

Fish, "Our Captain" and l'Artiste!

The "Rookie", the Sudbury Hard Rock and our "Light Heavy Weight Champion!"

The Penalty Killer, Chum and the Pest.

Note: The Point Man could bump anyone.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Saint Pascal!"

Saint-Pascal healer of old wounds...ours and his...will have his hands full once again with our incomplete DEFENCE on Thursday against Tampa.

Facing Lacavalier, the French Knight and St Louis, who is really Lucifer in hockey shoulder pads, this will truely be a battle of the Holy Titans from Quebec...Alexandre Picard will be thrown into the breach with his stout partner, Big Country, to stem the tide. (At least they don't have Prospal anymore.) Forget Stamkos and's Tanguay and Veilleux we have to watch, these guys think they have returned to God's country.

Note: Downie and his hot shot 4th line are in for a dose of their own medicine!

Note 2: Meszaros is feeling the pressure that the big money brings!

Note 3: Nittimaki is Sens meat...always has been.

Note 4: We beat these guys on the Power Play...we're pretty even 5 on 5.

Note 5: Ya weren't allowed to say a decat of the beads but you were allowed to ask the big Fella for your best performance!

Note 6: These guys are tied with Washington and's time to put everyone in their rightfull place.

"It's the Power Play!...CiCi.

Let Jason get his own PP with Picard and Shannon on the points, big #9 and Neil in front.

The number "one" PP should be the "PUP" with Kuba for reinforcement...mental, with Fish in front, Alf on the loose lurking and "Kovy" on his wrong wing down low just givin' 'er!

It's all about the Power Play...we got the pieces...ya gotta make it work or we are gone...and you are gone!

PS: Alexandre was the only PP point man to set up a clean one timer to the down low man from the face off circle... in all those PPs last night!

PPS: To D. Brennan...FYI... the "Plusqueparfait" of "give 'er" is "just givin' 'er!"

Monday, October 12, 2009


This reminded me of when we had the big team and Pittsburg were the young pups and we would win by just holding the puck and burying our chances while being out hustled.

1) When you are 36 years old, ya lead by example, you hold the puck, don't give it away and score when ya gets your chance. (We have two in that category!)

2) The "Pup" gets his shot with Kuba Thursday night...Alex's team leading +5...Campy's -3.

3) Phillips should be relieved of all thoughts of Offence...CiCi this is your job to make this correction.

4) Pascal was still OK! Our number one penalty killer! Two bad bounces!

5) Regan will help...his speed...he caries the 3rd line.

6) Power play...what American Leaguer schemed that dog's breakfast...put Kovy on his wrong wing down low and feed him till he pukes!

7) Leave the fourth line alone!

8) Home game, you dictate the match ups...start the 4th line, that was brilliant, then you choose!

9) Practice...leave 'em, the lines, the your chances...take it to the game!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enough with the taunts and snide comments!

The locals (Our Ottawa Press Corps.) cannot give Alexandre Picard, a genuine compliment so they say stuff like how tough he is playing beside Matt Carkner...if I give you this gentleman to play with you'd think you were "KingKong too!" Watch the game report what you see that's all I ask.

Went to the game, had to no TV, sat right behind Mr. Elliott, who played a nice game, big player this man, tall too, you keep forgetting how big physically this man is. A starter in a back up role...that's OK!

Alexandre Picard, next to Carkner, the best story on the SEN's DEFENCE so far. The Plus Minus, the Points, the ice time are all good ...but it's the confidence, the puck control, yes even "the first pass". Note the forwards are not "blowing the zone" on either Alexandre or Matt...they are waiting...setting up...then they go together.

PS: Goalies win the games! DEFENCE trigers the Offence.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

An American League DEFENCE!

For the benifit of all you guys who don't know the difference between our Defence Corps. and an NHL group...and you know who you are: Milks; Anonymous 4:34; Gordie Wilson; SLC; Nichols; G.N., Pynch; Duff and many more too numerous to mention.

Note: 1) the "Nuts" of your DEFENCE has not changed from last year, you have added Carkner from the "A" and Karlsson from Frolunda=the "A".

2) What has have added a spectacular goalie and a couple of forwards with the speed and the "will" to back check but this just happens to be the difference between the A and the "SHOW!"

Note: For your information Alexandre Picard, #45, who Tampa wanted to retain; twenty minutes of ice, plus 2, 1 point, has more ice time and has out played Campoli (who Islanders allowed to leave) the last two games.

Note 2: Watch the man play his position, he's the only one we got who knows where he's supposed to front of our net. Alex knows when your under the gun you go up the boards but you still complete the pass to our guys not theirs. Ya force your man wide to the boards and then track him behind the net but you don't let him come out toward the net and make a play.

Note 3: Chris Phillips is our leader back there but a defencive D-man cannot lead the group contrary to what you and Gordie think...we still need an offencive Stud back there; in time we may grow one but he's not here yet. The Sens D-Corps. is still out of the correct pecking order.

Note 4) Philippé is not this man either!

So don't blame me and don't put words in my mouth, your goalie has stollen two games for you against the door mats let's see what we got against the big boys???

Friday, October 9, 2009

Jason...Enough is enough!

It's time Gentlemen please!!!

Jason, time is up, no more passes to "nowhere"! You know where Nicky Foligno will front of the net and Nilan is blowing down the wing on his way to the corner. Forget all this "in the air...through the legs" bullsh&t...find the passing lane, leave it on the ice and complete the pass. You are like a quarterback, who has no confidence in his recievers... lug it, hold it and complete the shortie!

Both your wingers have speed and skill, it's the CENTERMAN's job to make it happen.

In case you haven't noticed both your wing men are exceptional two way guys (defenders) because of their speed and smarts, CiCI is trying to free you up from your new found defencive patroling, they can't come right out and say it but they want you up ice making the other team "retreat to defend". So you will not be throwing anymore body checks (you don't know how to do it!) will not be killing penalties (you do not know how to do it!)...

Remember, "Jason knows Offence", I'm paying you 7 mill to "dazzle" me, you are still one of the best in the business with the your thing!

And I thought the "Messiah" would be a D-man!

I thought the "Messiah" would be a looks like I was wrong on two counts!

1) The gentleman lurking behind the "Tools of Ignorance" is a sight for sore eyes...he doesn't get 'em all but he stops the Big ones...the Important one...the "Gamers!"...#33 the King...Le Roy...our very own Super Star French Goalie...I'd even bring up Thomas Kudelka for 10 games to provide even more down low in close protection just for now!

2) It just might be a tad early yet but in #39 Carkner and #65 Karlsson we may have a Stud Combo...not as good as an all in One Super Stud type but the best thing this DEFENCE has seen since the "Big Z!"

Note: A little "O" & a little "D" from each man individually.

My last game as a goalie I faced Wayne Thomas in the other net...two of his forwards were Ellis and was all over...but my dad, my brother and my cousin were all good goal tenders...technicians all...everyone of these fellows would step aside to watch Pascal do his "Magic!" I think we got us a "Goalie!"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey...Show Killer...wake up!

You are not working at CNN...stop fooling around with the volume levels...I am listening on the computer at full volume...we can bearly hear Lloydie and Yorkie hardly at all.

Note: the yankee programing in the middle of the afternoon was fine.

Note 2: The Sens games are the lowest volume in the league...I listen to all over and both coasts...what gives!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Milan, it's time to shine!"

Milan Michalek, it's time to shine.

We should do everything, I mean the SENS Coaches, line mates (#11 & #19), the trainers should do every thing possible to get Milan his first goal and a pile of 'em after that...every offencive scheme, every power play should be geared to getting MR. Michalek a scoring chance...a shot on net...a set up for a deflection.

Alf and Jason need this man to finish! Then watch out, single handedly we got a contender again.

Note: Primary scoring sets up secondary Kovy light it up.

Note 2: I know from personal experience that you go on a scoring streak after losing your two front teeth, it's repayment from the hockey gods and you finally "look" like a hockey player!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Portnoy's Complaint...Chemistry?

Read your timely treatise on the Sens team chemistry...interesting...well writen and true for the most part.

Just thinking, I got 3% in grade 12 Chemistry at xmas time and was asked not to continue (had something to do with leaving a Bunson Burner on) but I sponed a PHD Bio/Chemist...go figure?

CiCi is more of a Chef, as in let's throw 'em in the pan and see how they fry! However in order to be "Le Cordon Bleu" you must know a little about chemistry. There is no substitute for time lost and won together..."bonding" I don't know about it's sounds too sexy for me...but I do know about liking to play hockey with a guy who can play and hold up his end...that's chemistry (#24 & #4).

Let's just get out of T.O. with a win and regroup!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


In my era, ya didn't break camp and go to T.O. for the 2nd game of the season with two guys who wear a # in the forties and your fighter on the third line. Note: Shannon not expected to play.

Wake up CiCi...ya got caught trying to play your 4th line against their 2nd in New York...this 3rd line is not structured properly and subject to a mismatch...

Kelly comes up to his old 3rd line center position, Petr to the wing for now (he is not strong enough without Fish to cary two lead foots) and take your pick of Cheech/Neil to complete your line. Note 2: Regin can go to either wing...depending who you choose.

Leave your DEFENCE for now...working at it every minute in practice, with the proviso that two bad games gets you replaced by my man Picard!

Note 3: Pascal will win the game in Toronto for us because he is better than they are!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

CiCi ya got out coached!

CiCi...Chris Phillips is not an offencive threat...he gives you 22 minutes, let the man play his game. Quit blowing smoke up his arse.

The "D" man coming late, the 4th man, must...must hit the net!!!If not it's a goal the other way!

CiCi...Jason Spezza is not a Penalty Killer.

Schribes called...2-3-4times..."Michalek unable to finish!!" We shall reserve judgement until he gets ten chances and his first goal.

CiCi...give Kovy the #1 Power Play and let him run it with Special K!

Boys...we are no longer a "shooting" offence so get to the f*&^%$# front of the net and get your f*&^%$# nose dirty!

CiCi...don't play your "4th line like a 2nd line" you were warned about this temptation!

Cheechoo was invisible.

Carkner was OK! He gets Tranna!

Game 1..."the Ranger Room!"

Torts to Lundqvist: "Ya, OK to go again?"

King Hendrik: "Yah...but don't wear me out in the first 10 games."

Torts: "It's you and Gabs, he stuffs 'em you stop 'em!...You are really all we got, our two local boys (CD & CH) will be watching the crowd all night."

The goalie: "Another top pick, French Canadien goal tender...I'm sick of these guys they're tough to beat...big egos...I hate big egos!"

Johnny T says: "Listen Lundqvist you candy ass, it's our home opener...Madison f%$#@% Square Gardins, you get out there tonight and just WIN BABY!"