Monday, October 12, 2009


This reminded me of when we had the big team and Pittsburg were the young pups and we would win by just holding the puck and burying our chances while being out hustled.

1) When you are 36 years old, ya lead by example, you hold the puck, don't give it away and score when ya gets your chance. (We have two in that category!)

2) The "Pup" gets his shot with Kuba Thursday night...Alex's team leading +5...Campy's -3.

3) Phillips should be relieved of all thoughts of Offence...CiCi this is your job to make this correction.

4) Pascal was still OK! Our number one penalty killer! Two bad bounces!

5) Regan will help...his speed...he caries the 3rd line.

6) Power play...what American Leaguer schemed that dog's breakfast...put Kovy on his wrong wing down low and feed him till he pukes!

7) Leave the fourth line alone!

8) Home game, you dictate the match ups...start the 4th line, that was brilliant, then you choose!

9) Practice...leave 'em, the lines, the your chances...take it to the game!

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