Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hey "Crossbar!"

Yah, Bruce that's you...four feet off the ice, 6 feet wide, you know...

Question: If Kuba is not coming back...and he'll never be at 100% again... why don't you ask one of your insiders... what is Bryan doing with the 8 million... going on 11 (discounting Kuba) in open salary and CAP space, when he has an American League forward and Tampa's #7 Defenceman playing 3-4 on his D-Corps. for 8 games now?

PS: Years ago we used to say: " an attribute that all good Sports Reporters should have from their Team! That charter seat can get heavy at times!"

PPS: At training camp do they swear you to secrecy...a Howard Berger type investigative reporter would have been all over Kuba in Sick Bay @ Camp! Did you drop another one here?


  1. Canucnik,
    You know what needs to be done after that debacle at the hands of the Chowds. No getting around it: ATrain is on notice.

  2. BMB:

    "A" Train and Philly are starting to show the wear late in the last two games. This is a coaching issue...CiCi loves to shorten his bench...I think he just over does it!

    But he is killing me because everyone in the rink can see it also including Jullian and the Bruins bench!

  3. Not so sure about that Nik, especially considering it was 24 and 4 that got them back into the game the previous night.
    It was a bad choice by 24 to forego his coverage in favour of retrieving his twig, not fatigue.

  4. sensay:

    Philly seems to be able to sense it (overuse) and cut back to save energy. Anton just keeps givin' 'er till he's out of gas.

    It's too early to be playing these guys this much...

    Actually ya need three pairs to have any chance to be an elite team...I think we are still two men short!

  5. I'm glad Murray listens to his experience and not your advice...