Saturday, October 31, 2009

For all you talk show callers!

For all you talk show callers and about half of the "Internet Arm Chairs" and for all you guys who got sent down from Pee Wee to House League when you were a kid:

Alexandre Picard...21 minutes...23 shifts...the Coaching staff is starting to warm to Alex especially if we are behind, he's the only D-man we have who can generate anything on the net...6 shots on goal, only 1 blocked in 7 attempts...

Picard is -2...on for the last gasp attempt to tie it and picks up a -1 for the Afino/breakaway, Pascal had him ...another indication of who they wanted on the ice...on for the second Atlanta goal with Campy and it's a bank/corner pool shot fluke but what I didn't like was the fact that Carvel is determined to get "the Chaperone" out there with Philly for some reguler shifts...WTF ya can't mess with our fragile DEFENCE CORPS.

We like #14; Campy is great value for $ but his size was accentuated by playing along side the "Pup" and now it's definitely becoming an issue...2nd goal he is completely hidden by two Atlanta at least leave him with Philippé...for years as many older players/bloggers, myself included have advocated, especially "Grinder", play an "O" man with a "D" type guy together on each Defencive Pairing.

Finally, every goalie we meet looks like Terry Sawchuck, we have no corner pickers, our game is so fast we are shooting for general areas...with not much luck I might add...the only thing we used to do when it got this bad and this included the big "Shooters!" leave it on the ice (2" max) and play pin ball! With all the time we have this week ya gotta practice will freak everyone out and you create some super chances!


  1. I wonder what it feels like to have your goalie steal a game for you???

    As for our D... If I were a player on the Sens, I would slip some Ex-Lax in Lee's water bottle before the warm-up, so he could shit himself before the game, instead of on the ice every shift.


  2. Grinder:

    This is very quickly becoming tough to watch...I don't think we have enough!

  3. Agreed with the floater to the net. We need to quit wiring it for the corners, only to miss the net. Start placing the puck into the blue paint and crashing the net for the garbage, or an errant clearing attempt, then blast it when there's traffic and the goaltender is moving/recovering, not when he's set, and not screened. Too many "cherry pickers" missing the net instead of waiting for traffic.

  4. Sensay:

    Right on! No more than 2 inches.

    First: If nothing else, first period, ya put about 4 guys on the hoble with angle bitters.

    Second: the best of 'em (Terry Sawchuck's) try to kick it to the corner but most of the rebounds go up the off wing (You cannot help it!) to our guy if he plays it right.

    Third: Ya get everybody "looking down" including their goalie and nothing but good happens after that...ya can score...ya can reef one of their guys big time...ya can screen their goalie and a defenceman simply with your elbow and forarm...and everyone on the ice gets a wack at that puck, it turns into shinny but in front of their net!