Friday, October 23, 2009

Team Meeting!

Before the morning pre-game skate, ya get Alf and the 4 centers, Jason, Fish, Petr and Kelly...down to the garbage door and CiCi, ya tear into them like never before...all the fire and brimstone you can muster.

Our Defence Corps. is in shambles, even #4 & #24 are starting to show the wear of all that ice. Matt didn't play this much in the "A" for most of his career. Hugo's "Erik" thinks North Americans play 40 minute games. Campy doesn't know what to think but he knows they are not happy with him either. And "Pic" feels like the outcast...the child that no one wanted...confidence completely shot! Note: Kuba is no "Goldbrick"...immagine the balls it took to show up "broken" and bullsh*t your way through a full league game...he must have been afraid the insurance wouldn't pay him.

So the plan is to put Mr. Elliott in the net with the proviso that because we have no defence each goal will be blamed on the forward line that is on the ice @ the time of the goal, the appropriate fines will be in order.

If we are going to have any chance vs will be our goalie and the forwards...the B keeper will win this one for us by himself!

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