Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enough with the taunts and snide comments!

The locals (Our Ottawa Press Corps.) cannot give Alexandre Picard, a genuine compliment so they say stuff like how tough he is playing beside Matt Carkner...if I give you this gentleman to play with you'd think you were "KingKong too!" Watch the game report what you see that's all I ask.

Went to the game, had to no TV, sat right behind Mr. Elliott, who played a nice game, big player this man, tall too, you keep forgetting how big physically this man is. A starter in a back up role...that's OK!

Alexandre Picard, next to Carkner, the best story on the SEN's DEFENCE so far. The Plus Minus, the Points, the ice time are all good ...but it's the confidence, the puck control, yes even "the first pass". Note the forwards are not "blowing the zone" on either Alexandre or Matt...they are waiting...setting up...then they go together.

PS: Goalies win the games! DEFENCE trigers the Offence.

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  1. I really can't express my disdain for this game not being televised, but it's good to hear that things looked pretty good.