Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lorne Woods!

When I was 18 years old they brought me up to the Senior Ottawa Nationals for one game, Lorne Woods, one of the Head Refs in the CFL, fancied himself as a big tough foot ball player (And a pretty fair defenceman) and as I played football also he decided to put me through the end of the rink at the old "Auditorium"... I have never before or since experienced the sensation of being completely overpowered.

I was a wide reciever running short hooks, a punt returner, a cornerback on D and a tough competitive hockey was a case of the big mature buck just hammering the immature upstart...we hit so hard we knocked the pipe that held the doors closed off it's moorings.

Unless you have been there you have no idea what "Erik" is experiencing, it's not terrifying it's just new and very realize you are not really bullet are just flesh and blood...very young tasty flesh to these if Bryan can't find him a Stud to play with...I'd send him home...not down...home!

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