Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's spend Eugene's MONEY!

Hockey is a tough business, Kuba needs some serious R and R. "groin"...could be abdominal or a "Sports Hernia". Bryan should be reading "Long Term Injury Reserve". Take his 4 mill (3.7 rounded off) put 2 more with it and let's go buy us "one", who is going to save the "Pup's ass" and complete the Defence Corps. We are talking 5th place or the Golf Course here!

"L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!" General George Patton.

PS: Gord...Nik is no profit he sees what he sees!

PPS: Or...give Brian Lee a raise and bring him up to the SHOW...send the Pup home and hang on to see if Campy and Lee can stand alone.


  1. Nik - I think at this point, Campy is very close to being a write-off. Unless he can seriously turn it around, that is... because he's been terrible the past couple games that he's played.

    Rob R.

  2. I fully disagree with sending Karlsson back to Sweden. I expect better from you, nik. You should know that there's nothing to be gained from him going back to the big ice. He knows that game..he needs to get to know this one.

    I also don't see how Lee even comes into the discussion at this point. Picard has played well enough (specifically against Malkin in the last one) to earn a few more games and Lee just can't do what any of the other 6 can. Its not like he's going to push Phillips, Kuba, or Volchenkov from the lineup; he doesn't have the toughness or defensive game of Carkner; and he doesn't have anywhere near the offensive game that Campoli or Karlsson have.

    The only one getting pushed out of the lineup right now looks to be Campoli, and even then we still have 6 D up... no room and no need for Lee.