Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Milan, it's time to shine!"

Milan Michalek, it's time to shine.

We should do everything, I mean the SENS Coaches, line mates (#11 & #19), the trainers should do every thing possible to get Milan his first goal and a pile of 'em after that...every offencive scheme, every power play should be geared to getting MR. Michalek a scoring chance...a shot on net...a set up for a deflection.

Alf and Jason need this man to finish! Then watch out, single handedly we got a contender again.

Note: Primary scoring sets up secondary Kovy light it up.

Note 2: I know from personal experience that you go on a scoring streak after losing your two front teeth, it's repayment from the hockey gods and you finally "look" like a hockey player!


  1. Your editor missed a couple of typos, Canucnik. It's spelled "Michalak".

  2. 'Nik's English TeacherOctober 8, 2009 at 12:08 PM

    Actually it's Michalek, but 'Nik can't spell anyway...

  3. Thanks guys...and from a guy (me) who had his name spelled wrong all his life.

    No excuse!

  4. Would you believe I had eleven (11, me and Alf) stenographers working with me...they corrected my spelling and grammer it's their fault!

  5. Haha, wow. Can't believe I misspelled his name in my correction post. Serves me right I guess. Did that right before heading out to do some volunteer English tutoring, believe it or not.

    So tell us what's going to happen tonight, Canucnik. Will Kovy and Michalek light it up for the first time this year?