Monday, October 26, 2009

Two men short!

Sunny, warm, soft, easy Florida brings out Kuba and everyone gets fat!

We need one good big man for Hugo's "Erik"! The right man actually will create two as Karlsson will be allowed to excel and play full minutes. So over offer and over pay for this good big man he's worth two!

And we need a 1st Line Right Winger, fast enough to keep up and soft enough in the hands to sink the odd one. And...and we might just have him...Winni gets his shot...failing that Kelly gets a shot, as he is currently playing like a bum as a center on the 4th line.

PS: To the Left Post...give Kovy, down low on his off wing, it's his position of strength and Alf the Power Play and get out of the way, Mr Carvel!


  1. Hey! I looked away for a month and you start a blog!!! Good... something meaningful to read. just never post a naked picture of Chara on your blog and we can stay friends. I don't want my wife asking me to hit the gym!

    I agree, our D still needs some help. I won't talk about Pic because I know you like him, but I'm not thrilled. Cark is way better than I thought he would be, but he's more Hall Gill than Bobby Orr - not top 2. Same goes for Volchenkov and Phillips. Top 6 for sure, but top 2? Not as far as I'm concerned.

    Lucky that Clouston has them playing fast paced heavy press, so we spend lots of time in their end. If we get pinned down though, teams like Boston eat us alive. I called both Boston goals seconds before they happened, because you can see the breakdown of our D under pressure.

    The kid is just a kid, so mistakes are to be expected. A veteran to mentor him would be great.


  2. Grinder:

    Good to see you back.

    This blog was a protest.

    Good coaches have a good idea and beat it to death...example: shorten the bench has been way over done...we are killin' guys with ice time...#4 & #24.

    If Kuba can't cary "Erik" we (Bryan) go shopping!

    PS: Ya got 8 mill to spend.