Monday, October 26, 2009

Leif Eriksson

Just like Erik the "Red" and other great Vikings ya don't send your kid to the New World until he's ready to conquer!

Leif Eriksson did his dad proud just like our Erik Karlsson will do next year and for years to come.

These guys, the Swedes/Vikings do it right...good wine, lots of red meat, good company and lots of exercise...Frolunda can fete Erik for one more year...Hugo and his mom can hit Alf for a trip home to watch him play...all's well!


  1. I would bet Erik plays more for the Sens this year...more than 10 games, anyways. BM does not want to see him back in Sweden, he just would like us to know it's been considered.

  2. Sacul:

    He is just a better fit next year.

    It's also Erik's 1.3 mill for someone else.

    The kid has seen the bright lights and the size of the guys in the NHL from all over the world...Alf told him he wants to go home!

  3. Eklund is reviving the rumour about Campbell coming to Ottawa:

    Could we be sending Erik the small down to the B's, and packaging Pic, Campoli, or Lee with a depth forward to LA in a three way with Chicago?

    Sounds far fetched, but not implausible...

  4. Oman:

    The secret is Bryan has the money. Cambell is one of Mr. Murray and my favorites...Chicago doesn't want any return just a token...I don't know about the Cup but we win the EAST...You are such a Tease!

  5. I like Campbell. I just don't like Campbell at $7 million a season for five more years....

    That's a contract that handcuffs a team, hence why Chicago is very interested in moving him.

  6. Campbell is a great offensive D-Man, just totally not what the Sens need right now and WAY overpriced. There's no way Murray is using up all that money and cap space on someone who doesn't fill the team's most obvious need. Until Cheechoo's money can come off the books, there's no room for another huge salary (higher than Kovalev's $5M.)