Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alex Picard...take four!

Alexandre Picard...after 9 games is a team leading +5, his record is 6-1-2, he plays anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes a game, when teamed with the "Chaperone!" they comprise the best 5-6 pair in the league..."bar none!"...they were projected as a right winger and a 7th Defenceman.

So all you "Arm Chairs" and Sens Chirp commenters, you have lost the right half of your 1-2 Shut Down Pair as projected...we are faced with Brian Lee, Chris Campoli and Alexandre Picard playing a lot of important hockey for are allowed to pull for them as a are allowed to criticise...but should you become "Hyper" critical as in Alex's lose all credibility and it shall be pointed out to you and all of the Net.

Listen to the Toronto guys...that guy Elliot (an old goalie) with Atlanta et al...they don't like our defence either but they just can't explain how we not just win but out play everybody!

Enjoy...the whole is better than the sum of it's parts!


  1. Picard's stats have little meaning for me, plus minus especially. I'd really just like to see him make good plays. Also, *his* record? Is Picard really that integral to success? If so, people would probably see him make important plays on the ice, no? Yet all I ever see are mistakes. Believe me, I desperately want to see him succeed and help this team win, but right now I think he's a passenger.

  2. 4:31

    It looks like CiCi does not agree with you so I guess you don't know as much as you think!

  3. Canucnik! Does Picard have naked pictures of your mom or something!? Are you sleeping with his sister?! ;-)


    By the way... Clouston better stop playing Lee with Campoli, or our goals against will go up by a lot!!!

  4. Grinder: Seriously, Kuba with Campoli only, thanks.