Monday, October 19, 2009

The "Call" from the Barbados!

Eugene Melnyk for Bryan Murray: "CiCi, Bryan is absent this morning. Please have Greg Carvel respond on his behalf!"

Collect call from the Ottawa Senators...Eugene picks up: "Greg I'm a little short on time this morning...Greg, you went to St. Lawrence didn't were a pretty fair forward weren't about Clouston did he play any DEFENCE...

Pause "The reason I ask is because know Hugo Alfredson and I are worried about our best friend "Erik" and we heard that Philippé, our highest paid D-man does not wish to cary...sorry play with Karlsson, my prized pick and possession!"

"Greg, a direct much influence does old #17 have on the coaching staff?"

"Well Mr. Melnyk" Carvel responds "Kuba is hurt a good portion of the time so he gets to stand around with the coaches a lot and chew the fat...he thinks he would play better and with less effort if we gave him the "Chaperone" to play with!"

Now MR. Melnyk instructs his Coach..."I thought Canucnik told you guys to leave the "Chaperone" with his man Picard as they are currently the best 3-4 pair in the East and playing better than Kuba ever did even when he was an all star out west!"

G. C. speaks up: "Well, that's what I thought too, but Philly and the "A" Train don't say nothin', the Pup thinks he just has to get away from Campy right now because he just cost him his job and CiCi thinks he has to keep proving himself every day with a better that he's still the smartest guy in the room!"

"OK!" Eugene says to Greg: "You tell Cory that the "Bull of Ostrava" @ $44, 000.oo plus a game, will play 1-2 pair minutes with Karlsson, protecting him, mentoring him and generally just making him into a star or Daniel, Hugo and Hugo's other best friend, me, will be very disappointed in him!"

PS: To Chris Stevenson...nice recovery, when ya hit it short ya gotta get it up and in...that's why you're a player. Nice Par.

PPS: Big decision effects the whole team...Bryan don't be ambiguous tell them exactly what you want and expect!

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