Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Stumble?" so says Sensay!

Sens beginning to stumble! Yes, a little and when you misstep, you show your weaknesses:

1) Glaring need for one more Big Time NHL DEFENCEMAN!

2) Glaring need for one first line Right Winger for Spezz and Milan!

3) Glaring need for Saint-Pascal to have a couple of those games where "He don't miss nuttin'!"

4) Glaring need for CiCi to not shorten his bench 'till late in the third!

5) Glaring need for Kovy and Alf to "own" our Power Play...I don't care if you don't score right away...just scare the sh&t out 'em!

Note: I have killed a few penalties, you know when you are over matched and you then overplay it and thus become easy meat!

6) Glaring need for our Center Ice Men to come back down low and really help the DEFENCEMEN...don't just stand there get that puck!

This will be a good tilt for us...saw 'em live these guys can really skate!


  1. I'm thinkin we'll be dealt gobs of black bart in this one ... Sens should win 5-2, but it'll be a fizzle. 3-2 OT loss after going up 2-0 by mid 2nd ... Cheechoo pulls a groin trying to get away on another breakaway ... to make a spot for Winnie the Pooh.

  2. Ah yes... I love it when the cynics come out of the woodwork with creative verbal illustations of the truth! Indeed, I suggested that Cheechoo would only score a goal if he turned and shot on his own net. Boy! When the legs go they sure go!!!

    As for Lee, Clouston is either retarded or stubborn to keep playing him with Campoli and a rusty Kuba. What is he now... -5 after two games!?

    I'm just a schmuck and I can see this guy is the dumbest hockey player on the planet, so what the heck is wrong with our coaches????