Friday, October 9, 2009

And I thought the "Messiah" would be a D-man!

I thought the "Messiah" would be a looks like I was wrong on two counts!

1) The gentleman lurking behind the "Tools of Ignorance" is a sight for sore eyes...he doesn't get 'em all but he stops the Big ones...the Important one...the "Gamers!"...#33 the King...Le Roy...our very own Super Star French Goalie...I'd even bring up Thomas Kudelka for 10 games to provide even more down low in close protection just for now!

2) It just might be a tad early yet but in #39 Carkner and #65 Karlsson we may have a Stud Combo...not as good as an all in One Super Stud type but the best thing this DEFENCE has seen since the "Big Z!"

Note: A little "O" & a little "D" from each man individually.

My last game as a goalie I faced Wayne Thomas in the other net...two of his forwards were Ellis and was all over...but my dad, my brother and my cousin were all good goal tenders...technicians all...everyone of these fellows would step aside to watch Pascal do his "Magic!" I think we got us a "Goalie!"

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