Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The "follow up call" from the Barbados!

Eugene Melnyk for Brian Murray...Bryan answers soundlessly..."Good morning! Bryan, how bad is Kuba...is it cronic...why don't we take him out and str...naw better yet put him on Permanent I.R. Cause ya see I promised Hugo that we'd get some one really strong to look after "Erik" so take #17's money and Brian Lee and go out and get the strongest player we can afford, to shield, mentor and protect "Special K!"

By the way I heard about practice today...your boys really like to make it tough on my American League DEFENCE, changing them all around like that. Don't sit Picard... gas him...it's the waiver wire and out of here...with his numbers they will be lining up to pick him up...because if those imbasils, that's your coaching staff I'm talking about, think they can just let him "rot" they don't know the political position they are putting you in.

"Bryan, this is not the old boys club any more, this is not 1967... where did you find these neanderthals...have you guys looked at Picard's Numbers, he's leading your team...are they trying to write a post script or a brand new chapter to Bob Sirois' "Le Québec mis on échec!"

And finally, should any of this make Saint-Pascal lonely or angry...because he's surounded by Northern New Yorkers, Russians and Western boys...well simply your whole coaching staff is fired!


  1. I am so glad you hold no position within the Organization.

  2. Nik The Axeman. Fire 'em all. Haha.

    I do agree with you though...

    Crankner and the Picaroon are doing just fine together. And if we're keeping Erik the Small in the big show, he needs a studly protector/mentor... someone to be a MacInnis to his inner Pronger.

  3. Derrick:

    Just do your job as well as you can, it's been so long since anyone has been honest with you, you don't recognize the truth anymore.

  4. Oman:


    I think even if Philippé comes back he's done.

    At one time I had twenty plus employees reporting to me...never fired a one...but I scared the "Life" into a few of 'em.

    PS: Alexandre will not go under the carpet...especially with Pascal there.

  5. im gonna laugh so hard when that retard is waived