Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Well CiCi here is your chance!

Matt Carkner, the Chaperone, becomes the "Shot blocker", the 2-man and moves all the way up to play with Philly in Tampa.

Lee should come up but not for tomorow...give Brian #55, one day, there will be no practice for the other three and roll 'em evenly...Kuba doesn't have to try and play 27 minutes...ya saw him start to wilt there tonight.

As we warned you at Training Camp, #17 & #24 are going to be in and out of the line up all season. If I were the Defenceman's coach and I am, we would cary 7 D and play 'em all, changing one man each game.

Or play #45 & #39 as your 3-4 pair, give Mr. Kuba to Chris Phillips to look after and bring back the "Pup" for Campoli!

PS: I'd bring 'em both up, that's #65 and #55, we are going to need 'em both... gas the extra forward..."Erik" played forward in Frolunda as a lark...Alexandre is actually a pretty good winger, really goes to the net and been known to get the odd one in close!

PPS: Oh Oh! $2.6 mill...would you believe Thomas Kudelka @ $533,333. or Johnny walks the plank!

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