Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hugo's "Erik!"

Wheather Bryan admits it or's games 8 & 9 for one Erik "Special K" Karlsson.

We all think he's a keeper but that's based on Kuba's return to the line up, more specifically settin' up beside the Pup. As games 10 & 11 are in the sunny south, game 9 with the Bruins, who are slowly coming back on track, will be the ultimate early season "Test!"

Here is the can play #39 and #45 as the 3-4 pair for 23-24 minutes to protect their expensive brothers or give Erik his Baptism of Fire?

Note: #14 Campoli got the wrong end of the stick, playing every minute with #65, and deserves to sit, but for two games only! Ya finally got 7 NHL ready D-men, keep 'em fresh, roll 'em in and out of the Line up.

Note2: When I mentioned that Volchy was getting a tad too much ice this early in the season I didn't mean for you to give 'em all to Picard.

Note 3: Some Toronto prognosticator mentioned that in any year, the standings after ten games looks a lot like the way they do at the end of the season?

Note 4: GM Chiarelli is going to make a huge blunder...he's got too much and too much coming...and he's making too many moves...the hockey Gods are watching!

Note 5: Milan Lucic is out...they are not the same team without him...take advantage.

Note 6: Don't look past the Preds...let's walk down and screw 'em all!

PS: Hey Stevenson...let's be honest, your "here and there" statistical analysis never mentioned #45 Alex Picard, who leads the team @ +7, is 4th in the scoring, 1 goal and 3 assists which leads all D-men, has logged the most ice of anyone on the SENS for the last 2 games 24:24 and 23:09 respectively. Gets PP & PK a 6 playing as a 4...What gives?? Most importantly, you and the rest of the Propaganda Corps. missed the fact that the only time Matt Carkner has struggled at all is when he got trapped on the ice with the Pup for a shift or with Volchenkov for a short time. If Dean and you guys are getting the message to soft peddle it then we are in trouble again! Just tell it like it is stats are for golfers and you didn't hit it far enough!


  1. Interesting remarks by Carvel today that suggests Phillips - Volchenkov - Kuba - Carkner are this teams top 4 DMen once Kuba returns.

    I suspect Picard will still get his PP and PK time though.

    I've really begun to grow a stiffy for Picard.

  2. owa

    If they bust up #45 & #39 it's big blunder and they shall here from us!

  3. From Danny Alfredsson's BasementOctober 19, 2009 at 6:52 PM

    Well. Canucnik will immediately put Carvel and Clouston on notice if they drop #45 from the top 4 pairings.

  4. To Hugo with Erik in the Basement:

    Ya can only hide one D-man at a time...I never thought I'd say this Kuba has to come through for Eeik and us!