Friday, October 9, 2009

Jason...Enough is enough!

It's time Gentlemen please!!!

Jason, time is up, no more passes to "nowhere"! You know where Nicky Foligno will front of the net and Nilan is blowing down the wing on his way to the corner. Forget all this "in the air...through the legs" bullsh&t...find the passing lane, leave it on the ice and complete the pass. You are like a quarterback, who has no confidence in his recievers... lug it, hold it and complete the shortie!

Both your wingers have speed and skill, it's the CENTERMAN's job to make it happen.

In case you haven't noticed both your wing men are exceptional two way guys (defenders) because of their speed and smarts, CiCI is trying to free you up from your new found defencive patroling, they can't come right out and say it but they want you up ice making the other team "retreat to defend". So you will not be throwing anymore body checks (you don't know how to do it!) will not be killing penalties (you do not know how to do it!)...

Remember, "Jason knows Offence", I'm paying you 7 mill to "dazzle" me, you are still one of the best in the business with the your thing!


  1. owa:

    You know I'm dead serious, it's our money ya know...thanks for the comment!