Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Did you catch Schribes' @ the 5:20 Sports up date I guess I "am" part of the Organization...imaginary "DEFENCEMAN's Coach!" and #1 fan.

For guys from out West like Dean (He's "light!" then ya he's "light!") and Gord (from the GTA) being here for so long to blindly follow and regurgitate what two young (but very good) inexperienced coaches are leaking to them in a very unique bilingual Ottawa market is inexcusable! Plus their observation and assessment is garbage...Ya want Matt to fall apart...sign him for two more on a one way and play him with an injured Kuba as a #4!! Remember , he is also the "Chaperone!"Alex is as good for him as he is for Alex! They are your 5-6 pair!

And finally our man Garrioch, the "Crossbar" and 4' tall third piece at "Off the Posts!" Bruce for a local guy, who is that close to it and to not to see this and speak up is grounds for dismissal not from work but from Canucnik's List of local experts! Pick it up Boy, you should be leading not following!


  1. I missed Schribes' 20/20, however, I don't think it's ludacris to do a bit of shuffling when healthy bodies come in off of the IR. You orginally wanted Carks to pair with Campoli. Things can be reverted back and adjusted, it's the coach's job to find the best fit for every body in a manner that gives the team the best formula for victory. Let the man coach! Don't let your man crush for Picard cloud your judgement! That said, 4 - 24, 17 - 65, 39 - 45 is probably the best way to go. And three cheers for your role in the Organization. Just let the man coach, Nik! He's earned the right to not be woken out of bed at 3 in morning and called an ameture!

    P.S. Regin replaces Spezza on line 1a?

  2. HAHAHA you watching the game, more importantly your boy picard? I guess they dressed McCabe in the #45 jersey tonight

  3. what the above guy said hahaha! Picard is terrible.

  4. Well, I used to think Picard was playing well only because Carkner was.... but that was all Picard! Dude sucks!