Monday, October 19, 2009

Heads up CiCi!...and you too Greg!

Before you two very competant "Scoring Forwards" go ahead and do something really stupid with the DEFENCE. Remember you guys got very lucky... ya made a silk purse out of a sow's ear, you took a t-camp winger and your 7 man and made the best, the "cheapest", the highest ranked 3-4 pair in the Eastern not ...I repeat don't FTU...

If you want to call 'em the 5-6 pair OK but do not bust this up...they complement each other beautifully...they are a team!! Note: Alexandre gives Matt structure and position don't under rate this fact.

So forget the politics and the old boys me and the hockey world why we think you are the smartest guys in the room.

PS: If #17 does not want to or is unable to cary Hugo's "Erik"...Hugo told me "Erik" is staying...then we got a problem...we'll cross that bridge later.

PPS: Should you pair #65 with #45 and then back to #14 to switch the blame back and forth...we are not buyin' it. Example: Chris Campoli should not be a minus 3, he's been out there by himself for 6 games. Note: Philippé gets the big money (over $40,000.oo a game) he gets the big job!!


  1. I agree with your sentiments.

    I would roll this:

    Phillips - Volchenkov (Both have played great)
    Kuba - Karlsson (Kuba would be a good teacher)
    Picard - Carkner (They've been unbelieveable).

    Which is what I think you suggested anyway, so touche.

  2. owa

    Right on!

    They are forwards they keep talking about 4 guys, two pairs they don't understand...I've played on teams that dressed 7 DEFENCEMEN.