Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saddle up for Boston!

And hang on to your ass, you anonymous arseholes...the "Magic Carpet Ride" is over! Your American League DEFENCE has been exposed.

Kuba is done. Picard is gone. Karlsson doesn't play 3rd Periods. Carkner is not a 4-man. Campoli is a "six". That leaves us two "Show Ponies" for the Bruins...

We have two NHL Defencemen...ya saw how tough it is for the Preds and they have 4, two All what are you anonymous idiots so happy about you had three guys fold tonight.

CiCi ya can't keep shortening your bench like are killin' the four guys you are playing so much and you completely undermine the two guys you are sitting!

Saint-Pascal can't take much more of this


  1. Capt Picard had a bad one last night for sure. It earned him a seat in the third, but will it be enough to send him to the A for Lee?

    Suter and Weber only showed why I'd love for Murray to trade for one or both. They, Dumont, Erat and Arnott are the Predators.

  2. MOP:

    Boston will be interesting...I'm completely lost this are the coaches.

  3. They were very rusty, and mentally soft as hell for the first 30 minutes or more. And none softer than our much touted Picard, though to be fair, there were about half a dozen or so of them doing their best to hand Nashville scoring chances whenever they could.

    The beast was awoken in the third though and it was only the stupid penalties that ultimately killed them. Rust or no rust, they will need their "A" games for Boston though, and I'm not talkin AHL!

    I might call up Lee now, the timing couldn't be better, if only to send a message. Get your game on BEFORE the game boys, or you'll ride the plank, or worse, the press box. Dozing for the first 30 minutes will get you in a much deeper hole with a team like Boston.

  4. "Picard is gone" ?

    Arent you the one who is forever touting Picard as the next best thing? He has a bad game, and I expected to come here and have you irrationally defend him, but it's interesting to see you throw him under the bus as well.

    I do think its interesting also that Sens fans go crazy after a 1 point effort. Yes they played BRUTAL til the third, but they came out hard in the third. Some blogs are yelling waive picard call up lee, sit campoli, rush back Kuba.. etc etc etc

    I think some games, we just arent going to win. and that HAPPENS.

    Shocking I know.

  5. Dave Young:

    100% agreement. It was brutal til the 3rd, but the boys are still 5-1-1 in their last 7 games! That's 11 out of a possible 13 points.

    They were obviously feeling fat and happy coming into this game after the layoff, reading too many clippings from the press, and it took them a while to realize that their level of compete was nowhere near form.


    You're as bad as the rest of 'em if your ready to throw your french-Canadian stallion out with the bath water after one horrific game.


    This city is fucking retarded after losses.

  6. Derrick:

    There has been a behind the scenes whisper campaigne mounted against Alexandre going for weeks, the only obstacle was Picard's great numbers...this is not a one game loss, this is a training camp f*&^ up! Ya take a T-camp winger and your 7 man, play 'em as your 3-4 pair till they fail!!

    Retarded is not seeing Kuba for what he is...when an old pro shows up to camp broken, ya know he's done!

    Retarded is playing Volchy like this, this early in the season when he came out of camp on the hobble.

    Retarded is sitting "Erik" every night for the third period.

    Retarded is having 5 (counting Lee) 6-7 type d-men and calling them NHL ready!

    The Genie is out of the bottle, Picard and Matt's confidence has been broken...Matt may be tough enough to bounce back...Alex knows they don't want him...he's done!

    Dave...relax...ya don't know what you are talking about.

  7. Oman:

    We finally get a Goalie and a balanced offence and then look @ our DEFENCE...I have tears rolling down my could have been so you know we have never spent for a 1-2 type D-man...ever...I don't count Kuba, we just paid him like one!

    We are so close and they just can't see it!

  8. Carkner and Picard will be fine. Fortunately, our coaching staff doesn't follow the histrionics of the media or the "blogosphere" when it comes to decisions regarding this team.

    Most observers have known from Day 1 that the Sens defence was questionable at best. And that was before Kuba decided on an extended vacation to find his groin. The team lucked out with the improved play of Picard and the surprising play of Carkner but last night showed that they are human and capable of playing down.

    As for Picard not seeing anytime in the third period, Clouston made the right call. His confidence was shot after the first two goals and the third goal was a direct result of him overthinking and being fearful of making another mistake. When he came out for limited action in the 2nd, Clouston identified that Picard had become timid, for fear of drawing the ire of the crowd.

    As for Karlsson, he will have to accept spot duty in the third for the time being as unfortunately, the team's mentality is to "win now" for our ever-so-fickle fairweather fan base. Sadly, that means a rookie defenceman sees less time in the staff's eyes. It's too bad we couldn't have a sink-or-swim mentality with his development like the Kings did with Drew Doughty last year. Of course, Drew didn't have to learn the game under the Canadian microscope.

    This team still requires a true 3-4 defenceman for this season (and one holds hope that Murray can exchange one of our many forwards and one or more of the 6-7 defencemen) but I fear Murray doesn't want to because he believes the big horses will be ready next year (Cowan & Wieroch). Such an underestimation will keep this team at 'playoff fodder' level and not "Cup contender".

    And Canucnik, we have spent for a 1-2 defenceman...unfortunately we spent that money on Wade Redden instead of Big Z. For that we have Muckler to thank. Methinks because of that, Murray fears paying for defence so not to get saddled with an albatross contract (like Chicago has with Brian Campbell).

  9. Dutch T:

    #39 and #45 are not fine they are "Broken!"

    Matt needs to pick and win a fight vs Boston early!

    Good point on #6, I was thinking outside.

    Hugo's "Erik" either he plays or he doesn't...#1 PP, reguler shift, the whole game!

    The whole point of the Picard PR campagne was to counter the Western/Northern New York whisper bias...the old boy group think mentality, where the group takes a position and everyone supports it right or wrong...You know..."Euros are light!"..."Quebecers can't play defence!"...

    What other sport do you have the GM; Asst GM; the Coaches; Scouts; PR boys, Broadcasters; and Sports reporters all have the same "One" thought...I am a German I know about these things!

  10. Dutch:

    It took me 60...60 long frustrating games to identify #21 for them last year and they knew after 40!

  11. Hey, you and me are on the same boat with regards to Kuba. I call him "Charmin" for his ability (or lack thereof) to win battles along the board. It will be more evident during this season that Murray panicked in signing Kuba to his current deal and that he's masquerading as a #1 defenceman.

    Hopefully, young Erik will develop, Big Bad Jared will replace the Big Z and Kuba can fall back to a 3-4 roll with Picard or Carkner where he belongs.

    As for Campoli....definitely not worth a first round pick regardless of his pairing with Karlsson.

  12. Dutch:

    You're right on!

    Give me Bryan's job and Signing Authority for one week, I'd make Brian Burke look like a "piker!"

    Note: We don't win "Big" till the "Kids" arrive and we win with DEFENCE.

    Note 2: I'd still spend big this year for the right Defenceman. The "Kids" are going to need one and they will be cheap for a couple of years.

    Note 3: At his age I don't think Philippe will ever be the same...everyone thinks they can play into their middle/late thirties only a special few can!

  13. We don't need to spend big, we need to take a risk and move assets for a big asset!

    Move some bodies and maybe a draft pick to a team with a dearth of defensive depth *cough* NASHVILLE *cough*. A team like them can't afford to keep its stars so maybe making an offer for either Hamzuis, Weber or Suter for a first and second round pick, Kelly, and one of our 5-6-7 defencemen might be enough to draw one of those young studs to Capital City.

  14. Picard had a totally crappy night. Like almost every other pro, the biggest issues are between the ears. He might just bounce back and be a good 5-6 D-Man with Clouston's good coaching...or he might just show that he can't ever get great consistency. Either way, every team needs some marginal guys at the bottom of the roster, even the Pens, Wings, Caps have them. There's no secret the Sens have a lot of bodies for the back end, just too many for the same 3 spots. With Kuba out and there already being a hole in the 3-4 slot, it's a real juggling act to try and squeeze good minutes out of the 5-6-7 guys. There's just no money for the perfect roster. There's no team shopping around a top 4 defenceman at this time anyways. All the "proposed" deals are just silly. I would think BM sees his only chance is to maybe pick up a rental between Jan. 1 and the deadline. That still doesn't solve anything if injuries attack Phillips, Volchenkov or Kuba. While waiting for Cowen (and hoping he's superman), it's a matter of dealing with Karlsson, Carkner, Campoli, Picard and Lee. The first 2 are set, it's a matter of picking one of the other three to complete the 5-6-7 for next year.
    It's tough to watch guys pushed into roles they're not ready for in the meantime. It's kind of like teams like the Preds or Leafs that have a bunch of bottom of the roster forwards and they're being asked to fill top 6 roles. With the cap (or an even lower budget like NSH), it's a constant juggling act to ice a complete team. Without a bunch of guys taking hometown discounts or rookies playing like veterans, it just can't be done.
    Sens are in good shape compared to almost every other team in the's going to be a very fun year to be a Sens fan!

  15. Dutch:

    Let's tell 'em (Nashville) that they are going to Quebec City anyway so why not trade us a couple of defencemen who might prefer playing in Ottawa on a's worked before!!!

  16. Sacul:

    Note: Our "D" and thus our team is at the crossroads...the break point...could happen tonight with Boston. This is the season right now!

    2) Bryan has CAP SPACE and salary dollars and Eugene's permission...let's go!

    3) Kuba's done...he knows better than we do...take his money and over offer and over spend on the perfect's the only way you get one!

  17. I'm thinking Kuba's issues may be similar to Cheechoo - sports hernias and the like. Maybe a groin pull - those take 4 about weeks - longer the older you get.

    Regardless, I wouldn't throw in the towel on Picard just yet. It was an off night and he was +6 going in. They gotta bust up Philchenkov to drive balance into the D when nights like that happen. Phillips, Karlsson, Volchie and Picard and Campoli, Carkner for the last pair.

    Mix the O guys with the D guys.

    It may not be a thing of beauty yet, but with a little work and KISS mentality they'll be "aight."

  18. MOP:

    I'd roll 'em out once...any hesitation I'd go to your plan B immediately.

    When old pros show up @ Camp: #41's speed that's as good as he's got ...done! #17 hurting bad in the core, he didn't get hurt he brought it...trying to gut through the first game...I noticed his delicate, tip toe skating I couldn't believe it...done!