Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saint-Pascal...take 2!

Saint-Pascal heeler of "our"old wounds better start to speak up!

Fact...if you want to drive your goal tender back deep in his net (where he is most vulnerable) start trailing the play and getting those funny deflections that get around him because he's out trying to cut the angle...see #21 last year.

Fact...Carkner and Picard should not be broken up under any circumstances, they are a self supporting unit!

Fact...#14 and #65 look like two Smerfs out there. They accentuate each others size. One game they are dog meat for those big hounds who are on them.

Fact...put Philippé's salary and CAP space to good use right now...if you think Farolero of Ostrava was light before "Ya ain't seen nuthin' yet!

Fact...Lee should be ready to come to the "Show!" This could be his last shot with us.

Fact...Volchenkov, ya gotta love the guy, he's the "Nuts", is playing too much, getting too much ice for this time of the year, we are going to hurt him or burn him out!

Fact...Chris Phillips should not be allowed over the center ice red line...but remember he's still the best in the business in his own end.

Fact...if you can't get the Pup a certified Stud, send him home, no "A"...just skate, score, eat and make love in Sweden. #17 is not the guy he has his own demons!

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