Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hamblown the Half Assed Analyst!

This blogger admits that he only watched half the game and then proceeds to tell us what we saw during the whole game.

I question his take on Alex Picard, who plays 15 minutes, is a plus one and just happens to lead his team for the season after ten tough games @ plus 5.

For example he sites Alex's penalty where our right D-man makes a poor dump behind the net right to a Florida guy...Picard must take him (the correct play to make) and as Alfie, our Captain, argues after, 45 got part of the puck! A very iffy call at best.

Hamblown talks about 3 give aways...#45 is credited with 2 hits and 3 blocked shots but no give aways!

Did this "fool" not know the fix was in...does he not know how disruptive 6 unanswered penalties...7 total... are! My question to my you really know what you are seeing?

Finally he congratulates a player, who was demoted, benched and 4th lined...what condescention...then has the Gall to place this garbage on not one but two blogs!

Do not commit these errors again or I shall bring the hockey gods down apon you!!!


  1. you must of missed when Picard pinched in a one goal game, which lead to a partial breakaway and Volchenkov getting hurt.

  2. To 8:35 you Anonymous Arsehole!

    Foligno is back it's a two on two that's the way that defence is supposed to work. Watch the game you bum!

  3. I did watch the game and I watch him go into the corner be soft on the puck, and slide it right to the Forida player, instead of taking the hit to make a play.

    And that is not the way defense plays late in a one goal game. Foligno was trying to get back but got burned (bad). It was the wrong play by picard. and now we are missing are best d-men for a long time.

  4. Hey Canucnik,

    I'm not trying to tell you anything, just my impressions of the 30 minutes I watched. About Picard : I saw three giveaways (others did too). Did you see any good plays? Then please, enlighten me. I'd dearly love to see him make some. I saw many other good defensive plays by other defensemen. Not so with Picard.

    I don't really care that Picard is plus 5. Tom Preissing was plus 40 by the 05-06 season's end. Was he the best defenseman on the Senators that season? Plus-minus doesn't mean that much. I also don't put much stock in Picard being credited no giveaways, since I saw him pass the puck to the other team (twice), leading to scoring chances against. I call that a giveaway.

    Finally, Picard's penalty was the result of him triping a player instead of reading the play (yes, the dump was not great), and moving himself into a better body position to either control the puck, or make sure the Florida player could not just walk out in front (which is what happened). It's a lazy play.

    Finally, this is talking about hockey on the internet, chill out dude.