Monday, October 5, 2009

Portnoy's Complaint...Chemistry?

Read your timely treatise on the Sens team chemistry...interesting...well writen and true for the most part.

Just thinking, I got 3% in grade 12 Chemistry at xmas time and was asked not to continue (had something to do with leaving a Bunson Burner on) but I sponed a PHD Bio/Chemist...go figure?

CiCi is more of a Chef, as in let's throw 'em in the pan and see how they fry! However in order to be "Le Cordon Bleu" you must know a little about chemistry. There is no substitute for time lost and won together..."bonding" I don't know about it's sounds too sexy for me...but I do know about liking to play hockey with a guy who can play and hold up his end...that's chemistry (#24 & #4).

Let's just get out of T.O. with a win and regroup!

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  1. I think the changes this team has made in and out of the last few season have caused issue in the Chemistry department. You see the teams that always win change so few MAJOR keys, and that allows for them to get TRUE hometown discounts. Look at the Wings as a perfect example. Outside of shifting a couple of 4th liners, how much has that teams changed over the last few years (and championship teams)?