Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 3rd Set or 3rd Line or 3rd Pair of Defencemen!

Jason, we don't use that terminology anymore, it's more prestigious to call them the 5-6 pair!

"Pic" and the "Chaperone", our 5-6 pair shall play mostly against Florida's second line (not the third line) and all our defencemen, will see a little action against their fourth line...6 minutes total divided by's been like this since 4 line hockey began in the 60's.

Picard has some short comings but from Matt's perspective to look up and see Alex playing his position...always in the right help recieve the puck...Picard knows when to go on Offence... they both know to guard the front of their net...everyone knows this but these guys do it...

Let's celebrate these two 5-6 pair in the league right now "bar none" and they got the stats to prove it!


  1. "Broken" no longer?

    At least they're not playing 3-4...

    I like the lines for tonight. Here's hoping the Caboose breaks out (still holding out hope)...

  2. Oman:

    The wife's expensive package gets TSN II...good stuff!

    The Caboose gets a gimme from Jason and we go from there. Bryan's not gonna pay 3 mill for 9 goals!

    If Kuba stands around and lets Campy do all the work I am going to let him know about it!

    The "Chaperone" gets to relax and save his knuckles for the other guys.

  3. The problem with our squad is that we have a "first" D pair (Phillips and Volchenkov), then a bunch of 5-6 pairs playing for the 2-3 spot. My favorite "other" pair is Carkner and Picard, mostly because of Carkner's huge physical impact.

    Perhaps Kuba's return will shake things up a bit, but I don't know how you cut down on Carkner's icetime, when he has been such a big part of our early success.

    People forget that Carkner is a rookie, because he's been in the AHL for so long. It makes him seem like a calm vet, but he's not. Having him play with Pic means that they will both make rookie mistakes from time to time - especially when pressed. That's the reality of playing two pups as a pair.

    Frankly, I would have expected Campoli to bring it more than he has. It is still early in the year. Having said that, if our D play up to their potential and Carkner exceeds expectations as he has done, we should be decent.

    Too bad Cheechoo is such a nice guy. It makes it hard to say "retire"...


  4. Grinder:

    Preseason I say to no one in particuler, Matt Carkner is our best DEFENCEMAN, he looks like our leader...a 7 year pro.

    Alexandre lucked out getting #39 as a partner but he rose to the occasion. I have seen this man before French, quiet, strong, a learner...he will only get better!

    #41 take the medical out, there is no shame in that, he will be able to tell his grand children...I got 56 one year!

  5. To Oman and Grinder:

    CiCi talking to Dean just slipped called Kuba...Philippé! I hope they make him prove me wrong!

  6. Canucnik: I only watched the second half of the game, but I counted at least three occasions where Picard turned the puck over, leading to a quality scoring chance, a penalty, and an odd man rush respectively. He was the weakest Senator on the ice tonight by a large margin. What do you see in this guy, because I see a marginal NHLer who has potential and talent but makes lots of poor decisions. If he can't be better defensively, he should be Schuberted.

  7. Hamblown:

    The question is my friend, do you really know what you are seeing...the penalty on #45 is a bad dump behind the net by the other D-man right to the Florida guy, Alex has no option but to take him and even then the Sens Captain was claiming to the Ref that Alex got a part of the puck.

    You have a good young learning D-man with a frail ego, he doesn't need you and the old boys club critiquing him get off him or I shall make you produce in detail every example you site!!