Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Cup...The Stanley Cup!!

We're not gonna win the cup this year...I heard this from, of course, three or four anonymous bozos, who don't have the guts to use an identifier...

Bryan brings in Brian Cambell; CiCi wraps Kuba's mid section with "pianna wire"...Confederate style...Jason finds his stroke and a Right Winger..."Pic" and the "Chaperone" remain the best 5-6 pair in the League and Saint-Pascal shuts the church door...

We may not get Stanley right away but we clean the EAST!


  1. Come now, Canucnik. You don't need to be a capoligist to know that the team would be harmed both immediately, and for years down the line, by bringing in Campbell. All things being equal, he'd be an asset for us right now, but things aren't equal... he's not worth $7M.

  2. We'd be doing Chicago a big favour by taking on Campbell, but I don't see how Murray can swing it. We'd have to let go way too many guys to make it work, and I'm not in favour if just ditching Kelly, Ruutu and either Picard/Campoli/Lee.

    While Campbell's offensive upside would be nice, let's face it - his defensive liabilities make Karlsson look like Phillips.

    There are cheaper alternatives out there than Campbell...

    just my two cents, though!

    Rob R.

  3. SCSF: You also ran!

    The dirty little secret is we have the money...we are two guys from Stanley...as good as our draft kids are, they are off in the future...2 maybe 3 years...Cambell will be worth it...if you let Bryan sit quiet he will procrastinate!

  4. id way rather get Kaberle at 4.25 then campbell at 7 for the next 5 years

  5. Rob R.

    Their are no bargains for the really good ones...ya gotta over offer and over pay for that one special defenceman. We got 9 mill+ with #65 in the "A" and Eugene's permission to spend it!!!

    Buffalo/Cambell was a much better show case...Chicago/Cambell is/was too cluttered with other stars...he will not have that problem in Ottawa.

  6. Forget Campbell! I want one of those studs from Nashville! Oh how my heart aches for thee Shea Weber.....

  7. Mayor:

    Bryan got "hung up on" the last time he called about Kaberle...Burke's best move was the stumble on moving Kabs...he all they got leave him alone. Kaberle's next contract in Toronto...6.5 to 7 mill and they better pay it!

  8. Dutch: Ya got me!

    If Weber was an Eastern kid I would use all of my influence, favours owed, extra personal cash and power of persuation to bring that man to the Sens...but alas he told me he wants to play in Calgary!!!

  9. I believe that you are mistaken and were looking at the 2010-2011 projections when you write of $9M in cap space. Obviously that figure is significantly larger as there are plenty of current players that will become RFA's / UFAs. Of course, they'll need to be re-signed or replaced, so we won't have that much money to play with at the time.

    Anyway, here is the current situation:


    It would take an awful lot of maneuvering to fit in Campbell.

  10. SCSF: You are right I stand corrected!

    WTF... we couldn't have afforded the "Pup" even if he had made the team.

    #41's gotta go down...sorry Eugene, you can't give those skiers all that money and none for us.

  11. Sorry Canucnik... I know that you love Bryan Murray, but the Heatley trade has us handcuffed with Cheechoo (gesunteight!). This guy gives Spezza H1N1!

    As much as I think this team has the potential to win many games, they don't have the guns on D to contend. By game 2, I had to admit that they appeared to be WAY better than I expected (I was ready to sell the season tickets last Summer!), but being better than last place is a long way from the Stanley Cup or winning the East...

    All we can do (or more precisely what Clouston can do) is use the weapons we have to their fullest potential. If he does that, we will win plenty of games. So far, he's done a great job of using our speed on the forecheck and helped restore our good neutral zone transition game. That had been the key to our quick game in the past. Our D is still weak though - not as weak as I expected, but lacking THE guy that makes the big play. (Like good old Steve Duchenes did).

    It would be nice to have that offensive D-man for our powerplay, or maybe another big bad boy. They don't come cheap, as you pointed out, and we don't have the money.

    Oh! The quandry...


  12. Grinder:

    Tough times call for drastic measures...because #41 and #17 are too badly hurt to play big league hockey anymore I'd put 'em both on LTIR and take the $3.0 and the $3.7 for a total of 6.7 mill and buy me a big horse or a Cambell.

    We are getting away with murder here on DEFENCE, if Philippé plays at all they are going to be OK to watch.

    Note: Watch our 5-6 pair they are the best in the league as long as they are not played as a 3-4.

  13. Nik, you can't just "put" them on LTIR. It would require a medical, from the league, to declair them incapable, for medical reasons, to play hockey. Not play well, but play at all.
    This is not going to happen, as is.
    As for Campbell, he's a good player, making amazing player money. No way he's worth it.
    The Sens, if they truly want to make a drive now (which I doubt is the case), should be targeting CHI, VAN, & NSH, who all need to make some moves, either because of injury, poor play, or (impending) cap issues.
    I'd prefer Murray make a move for a player not quit there, but on his way, so that, come the real push time (2 yrs from now) he's ready to take on a leadership role.
    My "wish" list on D woud be;
    Not saying any of these are available, or the Sens have what it would take to land them, but that, to me, is a preferable gambit to taking on a bad contract like Campbell.

  14. Weber and Suter or Barker and Edler. Couple od "Ers" that could help Win 'er (a Cup).