Monday, November 30, 2009

Making sense of the Karlsson promotion.

Eric Karlsson was brought up to play with Mr. Kuba...plane and simple! (That was the day 1 game 1 master plan.) And they want a right hand shot to run the power play point!

Lee was sent down because he scored a goal and stopped shooting...then he took a dumb penalty at a bad time.

Picard is taken off the Power Play because he is a left hand shot and he missed an open net.

Volchenkov was supposed to be back for Boston but will play Heatley with one arm if he has to. (Anton is staying...we love what he brings! He's a Bryan Murray kinda guy!)

Phillips needs old #24, he's getting a little fatiged.

Carkner needs to again settle into his 5-6 role with Alex, heel his wounds and begin to dominate again from that position.

Nobody is being traded to anyone yet...who are you going to trade?? Kelly is back...the kids up front are to be given a chance to show...Picard has beat out Lee and Campy fair and square the coaches love the guy, he listens...the Boston tieing goal! Do you big time traders want to move Spezza...I guess not!

This is just every day garden variety hockey team type moves @ Twenty games!

What a luxury to have an extra DEFENCEMAN as I project he shall be needed again almost straight away...

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Their ice and boards are worse than ours...sub-NHL Standard! This is Boston for Cripes Sake not Florida!

Special "K" should draw a few penalties instead of taking them, this will help on the long road trip.

That same Zebra is making it look better but he is still stage managing all the Sen's's Kabuki's that "fake"...."fantome" sh&t "CALL" that just kills the guys on the ice and our really is bush league! And this jerk knows sometimes it only takes one to break our/my spirit!

Brian Elliott...what can you say he's makin' 'em earn it! Every goal! Every night! Great Job!

Jason's game is so bad...I am predicting it will turn vs "Heater!" and that will end it! Or...

We need Volchenkov...our cracks are beginning to show! Remember the pecking order! He puts us all back in place.

This reminds me of trying to play a 2-1-2 pressure game with no rushers...their QB-D man just picks you apart!

CiCi, when we go into our mid game trance/slump after another borderline penalty call use your time up the Ref and snap these guys out of it!!! Make up a new line...put a forward on defence do somethin' shake 'em up!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Matt the "Chaperone!" Carkner has arrived...the Ref gave him the "vets" pass on a trip and then gave #45 the "fantome" call! And that's OK! Congrats Matt ya finally made it!

Sainte-Pascal is fine it's the type of bump that "fogs" ya (plus an almost hyperextended knee) and pisses you off cause your leg and head hurts at the same time but he 'll be fine!

Alf, our Captain, stepped up vs Buffalo again, didn't want Kovy to worry too much while away.

Kuba...imagine if he played like that game in game out. That was a $4mill type player's game!

Jason leave more blade on your stick (the toe), it will change your luck and you may hold a few more of those pucks that are going through you! Ya can borrow my wooden 4 goaler if you want's only going to take one!

Neil can't stand prosperity...having a hell of a game and then just has a complete brain cramp!

Fish was the best face off man in the League tonight!

The Sens are the only "Home" team in the League that consistantly take more penalties than the visitors! What gives??

#9 gets it...the front of the net is the place to be!

Chris Kelly, the most expensive and the best 4th line center in the league, has to drag around Mr. Ruutu the most expensive and the best 4th line left winger in the league all night but what a luxury for CiCi to never have to worry about them getting caught out there vs Crosby or Roy. "PRODUCTION" price per point per minute...they are also the best in the league...even I don't worry about them anymore!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tough fights, big hits, good win!

Tranna does not play us like they are a last place club...good battle tonight.

Sainte-Pascal stole one in the third!

Mr. Eastwood, the Kessel first goal went in by Kuba (Thanks for the correction GN!) and the Stats man (our Dork!) charged it against #45 but there was no chance for Leclaire.

Fish is slowly bringing the wrist shot down...and into the net!

Kovy like fine wine just keeps getting better each game...they are starting to make our first line look bad.

Greg Carvel, ya can't play your fighter as a 4 man, you are stretching the man and again he and Philly are not a pair...looking bad on the second goal. As they made Pascal look bad on that one also.

No Volchenkov till next week at least so all you Picard experts, 22 minutes (2nd amoung your 6 D-men) a plus 1, sets up 2, saves the worst PP in the league...if he had puked it up as often as Kuba or Phillips tonight he would have been benched. #45 is playing his way out of here he is playing so well!

Our Home Game...their Refs!

We think, and it seems like, 90% of the Refs were born and brought up in the GTA!

Control...we're looking for a completely under control 3-1 victory.

If we get our one (1) PP early watch out the Zebra's Game MGMT Plan is in effect!

#19, #11 & #27 still scare these bums so show 'em what ya got!

Leave #39 & #45 together for the entire game...gettin' ready for #24's return!

Sainte-Pascal will make Kessel's wrist shot look Minor League!

Skate these guys, I think Burkie's Defence is slow!

If the "Chaperone" hits #55 hard...early...he goes away for the whole night!

CiCi your "on" if there is a stream to the penalty box, tonight, in your building half full of Leaf Nation, do something...options:

1) Throw water bottle @ Lines Man.

2) Call a time out and just stare at the Ref for 30 him up!

3) Greg asks the second Ref the same question the other guy just answered for you...Repeat!

4) Send the "Chaperone" to the Time Keeper's Region to ask for explanations or to just simply stare the boy down!

6) Call the good Cop to your bench and without swearing, start screeming and slobering in his face!

7) Have a Pocket Sized copy of the Rule Book in your back pocket...suitable for producing for the fans!

8) If all else fails pull the team to your bench and wait him out!

Note: A lot of these are losers but it's time, ya gotta make your bones with these guys cause they are going to try and give it to you in the throat tonight!

Note II: CiCi this is going to cost you ten grand the best money ya ever spent!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Volchy is on his way back!

For all my friends and "Peanut Gallery" inhabitants, you guys know who you are...Exx the Belleville Ballerina; Wilks the sitting Black Ace (Now we know why!); Duff/Pynch there's a left and right winger for you; Canuck Abroad the Euro Sex Machine; GN the non-believer; Isaac our new scoring forward! "Here's the GAFF!"

We fluke out of training camp with a throw together 5-6 pair of #39 and #45, who just happen to play extremely well and lead the league statistically. Now our coaches both scoring forwards and possible "Peanut Gallery" residents cannot leave well enough alone. Carvel has an insistent desire to pair #39 with #4 after they have looked good killing a penalty together...he's the only one in the rink (besides the Peanut Gallery) who can't see that this is a match of the same type of guy and it will not work. The other guy, the Boss, thinks he's going to take trade bait, who has been playing exceptionally well, and turn him into "Bobby Orr" by giving him huge amounts of ice with #39 but often with lesser lights and by asking him to exceed his demonstrated Offencive abilities...the stretch is still going on!

Now, here is where the blade stikes the ice, the rubber hits the road, the Sens succeed or fail on this one...I project that Picard plays reasonably well vs Tranna...trigering the Volchenkov switcheroo...#4 & #39; #17 & #24; leaving #14 with my man Picard and leaving absolutely every D-man with the wrong partner...the other option (or switcheroo II) which is just as bad is Carkner with Kuba .

What these gentlemen fail to realize is that ya got 3 NHLers and 3 AHLers so you have to apply yourself and your brain when you are coaching them and look for CHEMISTRY and a match...if we come out of this with anything other than the following we are in trouble...

#4 & #24

#17 & #14

#39 & #45

PS: Ya can't flop, flip and screw around with DEFENCE pairings like you can with forwards.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coming up to Twenty!

Goal tending is directly related to your DEFENCE...

We need Volchy plus one DEFENCEMAN soon...

#41 has contributed effectively nil and his potential is nil...we need his money...

Jason one (1) goal isn't good enough...

More Alf, I want more...

Philippé has to throw one body check every 20 or that everyone remembers how big he is!

When Carks throws 'em early in the game rest him a bit till he gets his second wind.

For "Alexandre!" less coaching during the game...less criticism from the "Peanut Gallery"...let the man play his game he has a contribution to make...

I still like Kovy...5 on 4..."Big Time!"

Pascal and his defence do shoot ins by someone who knows what he is doing every practice for a half hour for one month...

Dry land FACE-OFF competition or make it a CHAMPIONSHIP but get all the centers and all the old centers involved...this will pay off in the long run...1975, Pittsburg, Ron Shock...

Bring the puck back down again we are the worst shots in the league...

We hope Regin's upper body finally heels so he can find his guts again...

Get Mr. Elliott a tad more work...

Someone start to put some "Big Money!" on the board...we're too cheap...Ya gotta change our luck!

Best ice @ the Bank in years...WTF??

What are we doing supplying and playing on good ice with this team at this moment...this is our home stand we want slush and bouncing pucks until we find our game again...

The Refs are over blown, egotistical, pompas asses and subject to flattery, ever notice how the "Mighty!" Quin butters them up before the game it's CiCi take the hint...

PS: We are still looking like 7th and head and shoulders above the Leafs and Habs!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take the Win and the Two Points!

I wanna see who gets the Phily Flu...cause we ain't that tough but we're scrappy!

Neil plays best with a harness on but we'll have to take it off for Thursday Night!

Sainte-Pascal what can you say...brilliant...then he stinks but he won the shoot out and the big point!

Picard should have been +1 when many are negative or struggling... like the rest of 'em I might add... but finds a way to set up the "Go ahead Goal!" in the third.

Here is one for all you Scoring Forwards...Alex is playing with Spezza and Alf because he can actually go cross ice and break out a forward with some speed and position on the opposition...and don't think Mr. Picard isn't feeling this pressure as all those EXPENSIVE D-MEN look on from the bench.

Kovy is if he can cary Cheech he's worth the whole 10 yards this season alone.

Nicky Foligno should be left with Regin they do neat things on the ice...#26 kinda matches up with these guys too!

I hope Philippé is still recovering and is not hurt again.

Matt Carkner is our most "Cereberal Defenceman", he may have been a career minor leaguer but man does he "think" a good game.

Alf, you and Jason should stop cycling, Fish's line is the cycle guys get paid to score...take it to the net... lose it or score... you are wasting too much energy.

Stay off Sainte-Pascal...and I mean it!!

Stay off Pascal Leclaire, get on Kovy cause he just laughs at ya...or Campi, who is defenceless as far as warding off critism because he gets to play with guys like #65, #17 and Brian Lee when he first came up.

Pascal is suffering from PENALTY FATIGE...there is nothing wrong with his game. He and every Ottawa Penalty Killer is experiencing the same thing.

This is the best goalie we have seen here since "Legs" Frazer so get off him and get off him Sainte-Pascal tried to tell you the other night...Mr. Leclaire will tell you when he has had a bad game and which stops should have been for all you road hockey goal tenders out there and that includes the Tranna "know-it-alls!" shut TFU!

PS: Can you imagine how nerve racking it must be to play behind our DEFENCE.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Why Toronto and Montreal demand that Ottawa be discriminated against...

1) Small market but a pretty good team...way better than their teams.

2) Kovy and Alf , two 36 year old stars that they can't match.

3) Two fighters that both can play a little against their skill guys...look out!

4) A young coach with a plan that might work.

5) A non-corperate fan base that care about the team!

6) Jason a Toronto guy that they always coveted but could never have!

7) A place where French guys don't mind playing.

8) The Nation's Capital so they think we have to be diplomatic in all things.

9) Don't seem to care when the big hogs systematically steal all the resources of their respective provinces.

10) Try to apply the same system to our Division in NHL Hockey.

11) Our General Manager is wiser and more patient than their two guys put together.

12) We have an established "Captain" their teams don't.

13) We are the only Canadian Team in our Division who can truly compete with Boston in a play off round.

14) They know intuitively that we are the only ones who would put up with this Officiating imbalance!

15) Have Draft Choises coming, big skilled DEFENCEMEN, who will fill our boat and sink theirs!

16) Why did a very competant but "older" Referee in Chief chose to step down and go back on the ice did he have a secret he was afraid to share???

17) Toronto and Montreal think they are still in a six team house league and that one of them should win the Stanley Cup every year.

18) Of the three teams we are the only one to have a "Bona Fide" French Canadien goalie...Price is fading away and the "Monster" is unproven.

19) Alf gets high sticked, cut and downed late in a one goal game and we get a "Oh! I didn't see it from both Refs and two lines men...if that's Kessel in Tranna that whole crew is gone or gets 20 games in the American League as penance!

20) This is two years in a row "they" have tried this Refs don't like us...blown call...Oh "WE" missed it BS and it looks like they are going to get away with it again!!

Note: Feel free to add to this list, I am going to sent it to New York, New York with a CC to Tranna. Just so they have it on file for future reference,

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Mental Confusion refers to the loss of orientation (the ability to place oneself on the ice, by time, location and personal identity)...who are we or better yet who do we think we are?

Neil's misconduct should have been a 5 on 3!

Winnie's elbow is a firing was "Bush" League by a bush a very poor time!!!

Ruutu has to know when to shut his act down for the betterment of the team.

Cheech seems to set the stage for us...he's lagging the play and has to foul to keep up...and it seems like it's every shift...then he gets the veteran's pass and they give one to Chris Neil for nothing...I mean you can't even argue that with the Official.

WTF...hey Ref were there two teams on the ice or could you only see one...or is it you are only allowed to make calls on one!

We have lost our home advantage because we have to wait for Montreal and Toronto to catch us in the standings.

To Pascal..."Never leave the post until ya see the whites of their eyes!!!" and "If ya can't find the puck...get in the gap and ya give 'er as tall and as wide as ya got!"

The "D" played pretty well...the kids were as good as or better than the big money boys.

When Matt scuffles it takes a lot out of it does any human...but thats why you play him as a 5-6 D-man with Picard when #24 Greg quit trying to pair him up with Philly and by the way they are not a good match together.

Ok, that makes ten of 'em where we are the most penalized...and I mean a way over penalized...those guys in the League Office in Tranna (the BranchOffice) really don't have big balls like Chery thinks they do!

Kovy is fine..."Super Fine!"

Alex Kovalev is fine and will show his worth more and more as our competition increases.

It takes a while to get used to playing with a player as skilled as Alex...I don't know if you have noticed but the number of fumbled scoring chances thus far are mounting...Foligo is sent in on goal from nowhere...Regin is surprised at the edge of the crease...Milan getting nice slot shots a couple of times...and of course Fish gets many many chances but at least he's sinking the odd one!

If you have ever had a chance to play with a really skilled player you will have your share of embarrassment but you improve! Wheather it's Jr. or the "Show!"

Got to play with two or three really skilled hockey players at three different levels, for self preservation I developed the don't handle the puck...don't look bad method...that is you hammer a one timer at the net or you immediately return the puck to the "Big Guy!" with a slap pass. There is no trying to out pretty Mr. Smooth.

I am not trying to make small of's taking some time to get used to Kovy but against the better more skilled teams is where he pays off!

Example: One of the few shooters Brodeur fears!

Example 2: Our Power Play is becoming "World Class!"

Example 3: Fish really does have not bad hands after all!

Example 4: Nick Foligno knows now that he may get a pass at anytime from anywhere...and that's cool...keeps a guy ready...

Example 5: One of these games they will put #27 with #19 for a 5 on 5 type Pressure Play that will look like a Power Play!

So watch our 36 year old Super Star and our 36 year old Super Star "Captain" and enjoy them while we have them!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Important win!.. as it's official we play in the 3 point Division.

Kerry Frazer is a disgace to Sarnia...I thought he was a Tranna Hog Dog!

Alf is still the "Man"...he's finally in game shape! Saying good bye to the "Pup" helped.

Jason should not be killing penalties...don't get him hurt! Offencive Stars with bad backs don't kill penalties!

Boy, I hate Philly and Carks much as Greg likes 'em together.

The Power Play is warming...Kovy is fine...super fine!

Philippé at the point, the coaches love him, the guys are confident with him...I find him sloppy with the puck...bad decisions...I hope he improves with more play.

As I fortold #17 would fall apon the broad shoulders of Alexandre to look after...

#55 and #14 didn't play bad at all tonight I just don't like them paired together.

Only 3 D-men over 21 minutes tonight #45 was one of 'em...for the record he makes a little over a fifth of what those other guys make!

Pascal is improving if you can believe it! Side to side on Lecavalier...there is no one better!

The 4th line didn't score...I wonder why?

Nick Foligno @ 205lbs, needs another 10 and he will become the unstopable human barge...he's comin' big time! We like his game!

The love affair with #26 and #41 is officially over...Give Nicky back to Fish and Winchester gets a shot with Regin and Neil...and we need "Chum" vs New Jersey.

Head should be a Major Penalty!

Played football, hockey and yes ran over a couple catchers playing hard ball too!

I was what they called a "Hitter!" You can hit with your shoulder, your hip, your elbow and yes even your head...ya want hurt someone in Rugby hit him with your head, no headgear!

I can seperate you from the puck with a good shoulder check to the body, knock you flying with a solid legal hip check, break all your ribs with an elbow...I can choose to hit you in the head or not hit you in the head and yes I have been on the ice at NHL speed.

Any Palooka that thinks he has to leave his feet to hurt a player (knock him out of the game) in the Neutral Zone or at the Blue Line is either undersized or he doesn't know how to hit!

So enough already, there are enough concussions from legal hits...let's take the "Head Shots!" and the "Head Hunters!" out of the game.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The "A" Train!

Anton, the "A Train", Volchenkov...6'1" @ 227lbs, all Russian, all DEFENCEMAN...

We must keep this man. He's worth "5" to us, but because he usually only plays 85% of the games on average...

Bryan give this man $4,250,000.00 for 5 years...

There shall be be no more discussion...sign him today!

PS: For all you "Anonymous DEFENCEMEN Traders!" I know you would like to trade Volchy and Picard...but you idiots better look a your roster because you have only 3 guys signed for 10/11...the Pup "might" be ready!...the College boy and the Big Draft choice I don't think so...the best joke of all on you are going to have to spend some decent money just to keep Alexandre Picard!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who's countin'!

Does anyone know what a "Give Away" in hockey is?

Tonight in Tranna an overtime game, we have 26 total, split pretty evenly???

Tonight in a regulation time game in Montreal, we have 28 by each team for a total of 56...

Christoph Schubert, who plays 22minutes, 26 shifts @ even, is on the PK and the second PP and... and is assessed "6" give aways by this "Dork" in Montreal !!!

The other night in Ottawa, Atlanta as a team was assessed 7 total and they were pukeing up pucks all over the place for 2 full periods...thus the 43 shots!

When a D-man pinches gets the puck and has no other play but to chip it in the corner to the opposition...that's not a give away...that's a "return!" (my phrase).

My point is that a lot of these stats are meaningless...unless you are trying to be mean and show the guy up!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Time for the "Money" to Talk!

For all you "Armchairs" and "Expert Commenters" it's doesn't matter if Lee is better than Campoli or if Picard deserves to play with "The Chaperone!"...Boys, it's on...the pressure is squarely on our "Big Money" DEFENCEMEN...

#4, Chris Phillips has got to take the lead pipe out of his arse and start to cary, support and just be there in general for #55, Brian Lee!

#17, Philippé Kuba has got to bring his participation level up to the point where #14, Chris Campoli has to do only 75% of the work and not 90% that he is presently providing.

#39, Matt Carkner will be left with #45, Alexandre Picard, as I have said many times because this is a self-supporting...self-sustaining unit! (It's called CHEMISTRY!)

Here's the "Gaff"...the next two pressure points, injury wise, will be Phillips and/or Carkner...their minutes are too tough and too rough and there are too many of them.

#24 and #17 will be in and out of the line-up all year, my projection is...we will be lucky if they give us a hundred games total.

So forget this development bullsh*t, this is the "Show", if ya don't want to make yourself look bad and lose another bunch of close games ya pick your game up "Big Time" for yourself and your partner. ..@ $40, 000.00+ a game I want to see "guts" all over the ice... yours and theirs!!

CiCi and Greg, with all due respect, stop looking at it like it's just the top 4, this is not the "A" your getting eaten alive late in the game!

PS: About 5-6 games ago I tried to tell Jason and the coaching staff...stop throwing body checks and get him off the penalty kill...a man who has played Big Time Pro in the Show for 6-7 years with a bad back should not be doing that stuff it was only a matter of time before it flaired up!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Power Play!!!

Our Power Play...and CiCi/Greg are open to suggestions cause we are like 28th in the league.

Anyone can coach a Power Play, it takes two big time players to execute one. Alf and Kovy fit this bill problem is with Kuba, I know...I know everyone loves the guy on the far point.

Our big play...Kovy comes off the half wall to the middle of the ice just as Fish draws their far side D-man with him accross the net allowing our far side D-man/Point man to cheat down low for the one ends up being Kuba!!!!

Remember this Power Play this year is the mirror image of last year so switch up Alfie or put Campoli on that point because if we don't we may never score on the power play again!

CBC Toronto..."What losers!"

Toronto your hockey team is an "Embarassment!" And you monkeys know it!

Poor Ron McLean, after having to kiss Chery's Arse all these years, trys to slip in one French phrase to P J in Montreal and let on he didn't!!

Mike "the Fence Post!" Milbury, a 4-5 Type Pallooka, who never fought anyone tough and became the worst General Manager in the history of the NHL, looked a little down in the pockets hunched over in front of the green screen.

Kelly Hrudey, good guy, a cast off but to some decent teams ... could never win the big one, has sold his soul after being told to Torontoize his slant!

Even P J won't hang with these mugwumps, he sticks in Montreal!

Boys! That was brutal, biased, inaccurate, hard to watch and generally very poor analysis, if you think you are influencing or impressing the Western Audiance you're WRONG!

Leaf Nation would sell their soul to have either Alf or Kovy!

In summary, I watched only because that "Arse Hole" Chery and yes, I watched him "play live" what a "Tranna Hot Dog..."come from behind Chery!" they used to call him, his brother Dick was the tough one... was not on...they will not catch me again!!