Saturday, November 21, 2009


Matt the "Chaperone!" Carkner has arrived...the Ref gave him the "vets" pass on a trip and then gave #45 the "fantome" call! And that's OK! Congrats Matt ya finally made it!

Sainte-Pascal is fine it's the type of bump that "fogs" ya (plus an almost hyperextended knee) and pisses you off cause your leg and head hurts at the same time but he 'll be fine!

Alf, our Captain, stepped up vs Buffalo again, didn't want Kovy to worry too much while away.

Kuba...imagine if he played like that game in game out. That was a $4mill type player's game!

Jason leave more blade on your stick (the toe), it will change your luck and you may hold a few more of those pucks that are going through you! Ya can borrow my wooden 4 goaler if you want's only going to take one!

Neil can't stand prosperity...having a hell of a game and then just has a complete brain cramp!

Fish was the best face off man in the League tonight!

The Sens are the only "Home" team in the League that consistantly take more penalties than the visitors! What gives??

#9 gets it...the front of the net is the place to be!

Chris Kelly, the most expensive and the best 4th line center in the league, has to drag around Mr. Ruutu the most expensive and the best 4th line left winger in the league all night but what a luxury for CiCi to never have to worry about them getting caught out there vs Crosby or Roy. "PRODUCTION" price per point per minute...they are also the best in the league...even I don't worry about them anymore!


  1. It took some time, but the chemistry is really coming along now and the depth is starting to rear itself.

    Would you agree that the defence has looked less AHL calibre as of late? Campoli has quietly improved his game over the past 4 and that pairing with an equally improving Lee has been a solid 5-6. I still think the Alexandre should be the man out upon #24's return, he's a ticking time bomb with the puck (but has looked poised in recent games). Lee's contract is his biggest detractor.

    The Caps will be an ornery bunch on Monday. No one likes to lose to the bottom feeders.

  2. Derrick:

    Lee's contract is a death sentence unless Bryan deals #14 his favorite aquisistion or #45 who has currently become his "Most" favorite!!

    It's not fair or funny but remember my 100 game total projection (#17/#24) so Lee will be back...

    Picard is a step faster than Campoli and that makes him two faster than everyone else on our D...never gets tired he's a "marithoner"'s too bad you guys can't get by the odd fluff cause this man is coming big time and outside of the Peanut Gallery everyone knows it!

    School is still out on our defencive scheme and our D-Corps. Our goalies have been spectacular...Elliott goes ordinary for two minutes two goals!!

    OV is missin' Semin! Backstum is missin' Semin let's hope it continues!

  3. That should be marathon like the "Marathon de Montréal!" which he runs in!