Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kovy is fine..."Super Fine!"

Alex Kovalev is fine and will show his worth more and more as our competition increases.

It takes a while to get used to playing with a player as skilled as Alex...I don't know if you have noticed but the number of fumbled scoring chances thus far are mounting...Foligo is sent in on goal from nowhere...Regin is surprised at the edge of the crease...Milan getting nice slot shots a couple of times...and of course Fish gets many many chances but at least he's sinking the odd one!

If you have ever had a chance to play with a really skilled player you will have your share of embarrassment but you improve! Wheather it's Jr. or the "Show!"

Got to play with two or three really skilled hockey players at three different levels, for self preservation I developed the don't handle the puck...don't look bad method...that is you hammer a one timer at the net or you immediately return the puck to the "Big Guy!" with a slap pass. There is no trying to out pretty Mr. Smooth.

I am not trying to make small of's taking some time to get used to Kovy but against the better more skilled teams is where he pays off!

Example: One of the few shooters Brodeur fears!

Example 2: Our Power Play is becoming "World Class!"

Example 3: Fish really does have not bad hands after all!

Example 4: Nick Foligno knows now that he may get a pass at anytime from anywhere...and that's cool...keeps a guy ready...

Example 5: One of these games they will put #27 with #19 for a 5 on 5 type Pressure Play that will look like a Power Play!

So watch our 36 year old Super Star and our 36 year old Super Star "Captain" and enjoy them while we have them!


  1. One concern I still have is who to play Kovy with. I personally don't like him playing with Alfie...they both compete for the puck, or worse, go out of their way to not compete for the puck. They're too similar. I'd love to see Fish Kovy and Ruutu, or Foligno. Give Kovy a clear role, his comfort zone, and let the bangers and crashers finish the plays.

  2. Mich-Spez-Alf

    3rd and 4th are a tough call with Winnie back... But I definitely liked Alf back beside Spez, and Kovy can make Fish and Foligno look good if they can read him.

    I agree with Nick on this. Kovy is probably one of the more missunderstood super stars in the league. Not sure if he's much of a leader, but I think it would help the guys on his line to follow his lead, if you know what I mean.

    I love the Ruuto-Kelly-Dono 4th line. Makes me think that Cheech will sit soon if he doesn't get a goal. Feel bad for the guy, but he either needs some healing time, or head space. I really hope he isn't done. Would love to see him get 20 this year.

  3. GN:

    So true! I think Foligno has the skill set to play with Alex and most importantly the "Ego" cause he will bruse you!

    Your right about Alf and Alex playing after you Alfonse and Gaston with available pucks/scoring chances.

  4. Oman:

    My lines...but remember I'm only the DEFENCEMAN's coach.

    #9; #19; #11

    #71; #12; #27

    #18; #43; #25

    #73; #22; #10

    Problem...CiCi loves #26...and #41 gets twenty games?

    Like you, any sane hockey man gives these two a rest...not forever but for a game or two.

    Winni better bust his arse because his window is closing quickly...

  5. Nik, not so sure on the Winnie prognosis. I think Winnie will be here longer than Dono or Kelly. He started playing some lights out shift disturber/2-way games late last season.
    The scoring isn't there, but the speed and size are.