Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who's countin'!

Does anyone know what a "Give Away" in hockey is?

Tonight in Tranna an overtime game, we have 26 total, split pretty evenly???

Tonight in a regulation time game in Montreal, we have 28 by each team for a total of 56...

Christoph Schubert, who plays 22minutes, 26 shifts @ even, is on the PK and the second PP and... and is assessed "6" give aways by this "Dork" in Montreal !!!

The other night in Ottawa, Atlanta as a team was assessed 7 total and they were pukeing up pucks all over the place for 2 full periods...thus the 43 shots!

When a D-man pinches gets the puck and has no other play but to chip it in the corner to the opposition...that's not a give away...that's a "return!" (my phrase).

My point is that a lot of these stats are meaningless...unless you are trying to be mean and show the guy up!

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