Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Time for the "Money" to Talk!

For all you "Armchairs" and "Expert Commenters" it's doesn't matter if Lee is better than Campoli or if Picard deserves to play with "The Chaperone!"...Boys, it's on...the pressure is squarely on our "Big Money" DEFENCEMEN...

#4, Chris Phillips has got to take the lead pipe out of his arse and start to cary, support and just be there in general for #55, Brian Lee!

#17, Philippé Kuba has got to bring his participation level up to the point where #14, Chris Campoli has to do only 75% of the work and not 90% that he is presently providing.

#39, Matt Carkner will be left with #45, Alexandre Picard, as I have said many times because this is a self-supporting...self-sustaining unit! (It's called CHEMISTRY!)

Here's the "Gaff"...the next two pressure points, injury wise, will be Phillips and/or Carkner...their minutes are too tough and too rough and there are too many of them.

#24 and #17 will be in and out of the line-up all year, my projection is...we will be lucky if they give us a hundred games total.

So forget this development bullsh*t, this is the "Show", if ya don't want to make yourself look bad and lose another bunch of close games ya pick your game up "Big Time" for yourself and your partner. ..@ $40, 000.00+ a game I want to see "guts" all over the ice... yours and theirs!!

CiCi and Greg, with all due respect, stop looking at it like it's just the top 4, this is not the "A" your getting eaten alive late in the game!

PS: About 5-6 games ago I tried to tell Jason and the coaching staff...stop throwing body checks and get him off the penalty kill...a man who has played Big Time Pro in the Show for 6-7 years with a bad back should not be doing that stuff it was only a matter of time before it flaired up!


  1. I actually like these defensive pairings, granted they do need to step it up quite a bit.

    Now if we could only get some chemistry going in our top 3 lines... (Our fourth has been great, crashing the net and creating chaos.)

  2. Oman:

    I's Greg Carvel...trying to leave #4
    & #39 for a couple more shifts after they have killed a penalty together...he has an insistant infatuation for this pairing!

    Note: This is dirty pool but how would you like to be Nick Foligno trying to develop some chemistry on a PP with #41 & #26 who simply have run out of "Show Time" luck...maybe forever!

  3. Agree completely Nik.