Monday, November 30, 2009

Making sense of the Karlsson promotion.

Eric Karlsson was brought up to play with Mr. Kuba...plane and simple! (That was the day 1 game 1 master plan.) And they want a right hand shot to run the power play point!

Lee was sent down because he scored a goal and stopped shooting...then he took a dumb penalty at a bad time.

Picard is taken off the Power Play because he is a left hand shot and he missed an open net.

Volchenkov was supposed to be back for Boston but will play Heatley with one arm if he has to. (Anton is staying...we love what he brings! He's a Bryan Murray kinda guy!)

Phillips needs old #24, he's getting a little fatiged.

Carkner needs to again settle into his 5-6 role with Alex, heel his wounds and begin to dominate again from that position.

Nobody is being traded to anyone yet...who are you going to trade?? Kelly is back...the kids up front are to be given a chance to show...Picard has beat out Lee and Campy fair and square the coaches love the guy, he listens...the Boston tieing goal! Do you big time traders want to move Spezza...I guess not!

This is just every day garden variety hockey team type moves @ Twenty games!

What a luxury to have an extra DEFENCEMAN as I project he shall be needed again almost straight away...


  1. So I see a Sens Chirp, parallel universe type-thing going on here, but a little less wordy. What's the haps, Canucnik?

  2. SCSF:

    Good point! It's not just's the "Day"'s the Picard Experts (Sens Town)'s Team 1200 morning radio; they are driving me crazy because no one watches what's going on...someone starts a rumour and everyone embellishes and passes it's not just trades it's every thing!

  3. To Chirp:

    You are formidable...your back up group however leaves a lot to be desired!

  4. Well you know, I'm not big on the rumors myself, but it was a surprising move from an organizational perspective, given the whole picture.

    Lee's play wasn't awe-inspiring but it was quite acceptable, and improving on a nightly basis, imo; Karlsson, for all his "puck-carrying prowess", is still small, his ELC kicks in, and with Volchenkov back, short- or long-term decisions are going to have be made wrt defensive personnel.

    Anyway, hope to see both Karlsson and Volchenkov on the ice when you come to Staples on Thursday. First time catching a Sens game in two years...

  5. SCSF:

    Enjoy your LA game...must be seen "live" to be appreciated...they have their speed may be early yet but I think they are back!

  6. I was trying to make sense of it myself. Maybe Karlsson did impress enough in the A to warrant another try right now. He looked shaky at Boston (again first game back so he needs a little time to adjust to quarter season speeds). The key is time - in time he'll be 200 lbs and not be as easy to knock off the puck. Rushing him ahead of time to meet expectations now may backfire.

    My problem with pairing him with Kuba is you have two offensive D on at once. Kuba is good positionally but doesn't lay the body, which when you have a small rookie offensive D on the other side you need a veteran with speed that will hit IMHO. Hell even Shannon will throw his little body at bigger guys - that is inspiring.

    All this said, I'm hoping Karlsson does well and puts up some better numbers than his first 9 games. Problem is the game is faster and the teams a little less mistake prone than they were 12 games ago. Making an impact may take another game or two. I just hope it isn't a negative impact.

  7. MOP:

    It's Hugo's "Pup" with kuba or bust...and play 'em like the two Offencive prima donna (s) that they are.

    I think CiCi is thinkin'..."I got the Shut Down...I got a 5-6 pair that plays like a 3-4...let's see if Greg can distribute the minutes so that #17 & #65 don't get caught out there trying to play defence too often!"