Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stay off Sainte-Pascal...and I mean it!!

Stay off Pascal Leclaire, get on Kovy cause he just laughs at ya...or Campi, who is defenceless as far as warding off critism because he gets to play with guys like #65, #17 and Brian Lee when he first came up.

Pascal is suffering from PENALTY FATIGE...there is nothing wrong with his game. He and every Ottawa Penalty Killer is experiencing the same thing.

This is the best goalie we have seen here since "Legs" Frazer so get off him and get off him now...as Sainte-Pascal tried to tell you the other night...Mr. Leclaire will tell you when he has had a bad game and which stops should have been made...so for all you road hockey goal tenders out there and that includes the Tranna "know-it-alls!" shut TFU!

PS: Can you imagine how nerve racking it must be to play behind our DEFENCE.

1 comment:

  1. That last goal was bush.
    He has to be better, and yes, he admits that, but he earned the criticism.
    The fans do have to accept he is being asked to kill way too many man disadvantages though.