Sunday, November 29, 2009


Their ice and boards are worse than ours...sub-NHL Standard! This is Boston for Cripes Sake not Florida!

Special "K" should draw a few penalties instead of taking them, this will help on the long road trip.

That same Zebra is making it look better but he is still stage managing all the Sen's's Kabuki's that "fake"...."fantome" sh&t "CALL" that just kills the guys on the ice and our really is bush league! And this jerk knows sometimes it only takes one to break our/my spirit!

Brian Elliott...what can you say he's makin' 'em earn it! Every goal! Every night! Great Job!

Jason's game is so bad...I am predicting it will turn vs "Heater!" and that will end it! Or...

We need Volchenkov...our cracks are beginning to show! Remember the pecking order! He puts us all back in place.

This reminds me of trying to play a 2-1-2 pressure game with no rushers...their QB-D man just picks you apart!

CiCi, when we go into our mid game trance/slump after another borderline penalty call use your time up the Ref and snap these guys out of it!!! Make up a new line...put a forward on defence do somethin' shake 'em up!

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