Thursday, November 5, 2009


Important win!.. as it's official we play in the 3 point Division.

Kerry Frazer is a disgace to Sarnia...I thought he was a Tranna Hog Dog!

Alf is still the "Man"...he's finally in game shape! Saying good bye to the "Pup" helped.

Jason should not be killing penalties...don't get him hurt! Offencive Stars with bad backs don't kill penalties!

Boy, I hate Philly and Carks much as Greg likes 'em together.

The Power Play is warming...Kovy is fine...super fine!

Philippé at the point, the coaches love him, the guys are confident with him...I find him sloppy with the puck...bad decisions...I hope he improves with more play.

As I fortold #17 would fall apon the broad shoulders of Alexandre to look after...

#55 and #14 didn't play bad at all tonight I just don't like them paired together.

Only 3 D-men over 21 minutes tonight #45 was one of 'em...for the record he makes a little over a fifth of what those other guys make!

Pascal is improving if you can believe it! Side to side on Lecavalier...there is no one better!

The 4th line didn't score...I wonder why?

Nick Foligno @ 205lbs, needs another 10 and he will become the unstopable human barge...he's comin' big time! We like his game!

The love affair with #26 and #41 is officially over...Give Nicky back to Fish and Winchester gets a shot with Regin and Neil...and we need "Chum" vs New Jersey.

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