Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take the Win and the Two Points!

I wanna see who gets the Phily Flu...cause we ain't that tough but we're scrappy!

Neil plays best with a harness on but we'll have to take it off for Thursday Night!

Sainte-Pascal what can you say...brilliant...then he stinks but he won the shoot out and the big point!

Picard should have been +1 when many are negative or even...is struggling... like the rest of 'em I might add... but finds a way to set up the "Go ahead Goal!" in the third.

Here is one for all you Scoring Forwards...Alex is playing with Spezza and Alf because he can actually go cross ice and break out a forward with some speed and position on the opposition...and don't think Mr. Picard isn't feeling this pressure as all those EXPENSIVE D-MEN look on from the bench.

Kovy is coming...man if he can cary Cheech he's worth the whole 10 yards this season alone.

Nicky Foligno should be left with Regin they do neat things on the ice...#26 kinda matches up with these guys too!

I hope Philippé is still recovering and is not hurt again.

Matt Carkner is our most "Cereberal Defenceman", he may have been a career minor leaguer but man does he "think" a good game.

Alf, you and Jason should stop cycling, Fish's line is the cycle line...you guys get paid to score...take it to the net... lose it or score... you are wasting too much energy.


  1. Shean Donovan. Shean Donovan. If Clouston doesn't dress him in Philly and going forward, something is stopping him from giving his team the best chance to win. Shean Donovan. Shean Donovan.

  2. Hard to fit Chum in - Winnie and Chum are the odd men out. You can't drop Ruutu the way he's played, nor Neil for that matter. So who sits? Shannon does fit well with Regin and Foligno.

    It's a pickle for sure. I'd try Chum with Regin and Foligno - I know he can handle 12-13 minutes a game ...