Sunday, November 1, 2009

CBC Toronto..."What losers!"

Toronto your hockey team is an "Embarassment!" And you monkeys know it!

Poor Ron McLean, after having to kiss Chery's Arse all these years, trys to slip in one French phrase to P J in Montreal and let on he didn't!!

Mike "the Fence Post!" Milbury, a 4-5 Type Pallooka, who never fought anyone tough and became the worst General Manager in the history of the NHL, looked a little down in the pockets hunched over in front of the green screen.

Kelly Hrudey, good guy, a cast off but to some decent teams ... could never win the big one, has sold his soul after being told to Torontoize his slant!

Even P J won't hang with these mugwumps, he sticks in Montreal!

Boys! That was brutal, biased, inaccurate, hard to watch and generally very poor analysis, if you think you are influencing or impressing the Western Audiance you're WRONG!

Leaf Nation would sell their soul to have either Alf or Kovy!

In summary, I watched only because that "Arse Hole" Chery and yes, I watched him "play live" what a "Tranna Hot Dog..."come from behind Chery!" they used to call him, his brother Dick was the tough one... was not on...they will not catch me again!!


  1. What was said (my keyboard is not letting me make question marks), I missed it.

  2. Derrick:

    Sens Chirp gives 'em a shot also.

    When Hrudey started on Alf I just shut down...he couldn't stop Alfie with a Zamboni...I'd like a shot at him at the "Chalk Board" just me and him!

    They had to take Milbury's skates from him cause guys like Kovy had turned him into a complete liability!

    PS: The actual X's and O's were completely contrived b*llsh&t! I don't record intermission!

  3. Yes, I loath CBC coverage of the Sens, almost as much as Sportsnet Ontario... since head injury victim Kypreos said Ottawa may have to put Spezza on waivers last year. I'm sure the American Messiah in TO would snap that up in a hurry. Hell, he'd give away his first rounder for 4 years!

  4. Oman:

    Nick Kypreos, Don Chery and Pierre McGuire all had great starts but have lost their way and have been around for far far too long.

    Being Canadians and Sens fans in particuler, we can put up with these guys for a little while but enough is enough they got every friggin' network covered!

    So I say get some new blood, give the kids a chance...I was not alone in hoping Pierre would get that job in Minni...Kypreos says he has a standing offer from Burkie...Ya right!

  5. Look, it costs money to cover more than one team. If you can get a critical fan base, all following one or two teams (TOR, VAN), then you can spend less money, but make more in advertising reveneue. It is in the broadcasters best interest to limit fan interest in a diverse number of teams.
    That;s why Baseball has the Yankees and Red Sox, Football has the Giants and the Cowboys, and Footy has ManU and Chelsea.
    Think about it, cover two main teams, one in each time zone, of 8 teams? It's an easy business decision, as much as we despise it.
    I won't even get into the entire taxation makes me want to break things.

  6. GN:

    A buddy,a CTV camera man, who rides shot gun on the big Hi Def Tractor Trailer, tried to explain it to me over a beer one night, he lost me at the first turn. I can take when they ignore us but these crazy assaults on Alf and Kovy that's where I draw the line.

    PS: They took my best friend (15 years old) and my ex girl friend, to Toronto...Hockey job...TV job...lots of money...completely brain washed ' was the sixties, they did stuff like that then...they completely turned them into Torontonians...Yuk!

  7. Agreed, the "Analysis" of Alfie's selecting to play the game, vs. throw his 36 yr old frame around trying to land big hits is farcical. I just FF'd through their mind numbing drivel. Why a lousy hockey player, from the US, is on our national broadcaster, to tell US about hockey...that is something NOBODY could explain to me. Seriously, we haven't anyone in our nation who could look stupid for 40 minutes a week?