Saturday, November 7, 2009


Mental Confusion refers to the loss of orientation (the ability to place oneself on the ice, by time, location and personal identity)...who are we or better yet who do we think we are?

Neil's misconduct should have been a 5 on 3!

Winnie's elbow is a firing was "Bush" League by a bush a very poor time!!!

Ruutu has to know when to shut his act down for the betterment of the team.

Cheech seems to set the stage for us...he's lagging the play and has to foul to keep up...and it seems like it's every shift...then he gets the veteran's pass and they give one to Chris Neil for nothing...I mean you can't even argue that with the Official.

WTF...hey Ref were there two teams on the ice or could you only see one...or is it you are only allowed to make calls on one!

We have lost our home advantage because we have to wait for Montreal and Toronto to catch us in the standings.

To Pascal..."Never leave the post until ya see the whites of their eyes!!!" and "If ya can't find the puck...get in the gap and ya give 'er as tall and as wide as ya got!"

The "D" played pretty well...the kids were as good as or better than the big money boys.

When Matt scuffles it takes a lot out of it does any human...but thats why you play him as a 5-6 D-man with Picard when #24 Greg quit trying to pair him up with Philly and by the way they are not a good match together.

Ok, that makes ten of 'em where we are the most penalized...and I mean a way over penalized...those guys in the League Office in Tranna (the BranchOffice) really don't have big balls like Chery thinks they do!


  1. You can blame it all on Cheechoo because he's not scoring (easy scapegoat), but he didn't get any penalties last night. From what I managed to get from the online radio, it sounded like he even drew at least one.

    I'd say this has to rest on the shoulders of the perpetrators (Ruutu, Neil, Winnifred). Smarten the fuck up boys!

    I even heard Ruutu interviewed on the fan, saying they didn't have to worry about stupid penalties. Made me want to puke when I saw the results. Get your shit together ass clown.

    And maybe you can blame Pascal for not being a super hero and stealing it in the end... He'll need to get his cape back from Columbus if he's gonna win with these bush league goons in front of him.

  2. Oman:

    Cheech is commiting a foul on every (puck- fight) exchange...not only has he lost his speed but he has been robbed of his quickness and he knows this...when this happens the puck never comes to you anymore, it's called reaction time. The Refs are even giving him the "Vet's Pass!" but then at the end of the period ya get the BS make up's the same as #21 last year.

    The others, are acting like little boys, and paying the price...I'm afraid CiCi has nill status with the "OLDER" Refs's time for a tantrum...the water bottle...waste a time out to show up the Frazer a bad name cause he is one!