Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Power Play!!!

Our Power Play...and CiCi/Greg are open to suggestions cause we are like 28th in the league.

Anyone can coach a Power Play, it takes two big time players to execute one. Alf and Kovy fit this bill problem is with Kuba, I know...I know everyone loves the guy on the far point.

Our big play...Kovy comes off the half wall to the middle of the ice just as Fish draws their far side D-man with him accross the net allowing our far side D-man/Point man to cheat down low for the one ends up being Kuba!!!!

Remember this Power Play this year is the mirror image of last year so switch up Alfie or put Campoli on that point because if we don't we may never score on the power play again!


  1. Our powerplay stinks! You are quite perceptive to have noticed that play. A real hockey man here folks! Anyway, I agree with you that Kuba's shot isn't what we need back there... but where do you find a young Paul Coffee or Doug Wilson?!

    It seems that every smooth puck-moving guy we pick up (since Redden lost his legs) is just a bit below standard (close but no cigar!).

    Campoli, Lee, Kuba... not quite good enough.

    But, it wouldn't look so bad if we had a few more weapons up front. There's Cheechoo the beaten dog and Kovalev who is just a plain old dog! Jeez! Alfie must be missing Heatley. At least he gave half an effort, which is 100% more than the other two combined.

    I'm worried that Kovalev is padding his bank account with a few more soft years and won't ever turn it on again. The guy is all talent, but I just don't see ANY desire. He reminds me of Alex Yashin that way. Yashin could dominate whenever he wanted to dominate, but he would shut down as soon as you hurt him, or as soon as the intensity made it a struggle.

    The league has been full of guys like that (still is). Jagr, Hossa, Lecavalier, etc... The REAL stars are guys like Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier, Gary Roberts, J.R. who got better the more you tried to hurt them. The classic star - that Russian superman in Washington. The "Vech" want to win.

    If I had been blessed with that kind of skill, I would have left my soul on the ice. I hate these prissy bastards for taking as much as $130 from each fan every night, only to float around.


  2. Grinder:

    CiCi was just on the radio talking about Shannon and Cheechoo's PP at least forcing Atlanta's #77,Pavel Kubina to lift the net off and take the second penalty.

    Love these guys but neither of them has scored for 10-11 games. We know CiCi is a miracle worker but to me, it's more trying to pound square pegs into round holes!!!

    CiCi get off Cheech, he will be luckey to score twice all year, leave him on the 3rd line which is really our forth and forget it...move on!