Monday, November 16, 2009

Volchy is on his way back!

For all my friends and "Peanut Gallery" inhabitants, you guys know who you are...Exx the Belleville Ballerina; Wilks the sitting Black Ace (Now we know why!); Duff/Pynch there's a left and right winger for you; Canuck Abroad the Euro Sex Machine; GN the non-believer; Isaac our new scoring forward! "Here's the GAFF!"

We fluke out of training camp with a throw together 5-6 pair of #39 and #45, who just happen to play extremely well and lead the league statistically. Now our coaches both scoring forwards and possible "Peanut Gallery" residents cannot leave well enough alone. Carvel has an insistent desire to pair #39 with #4 after they have looked good killing a penalty together...he's the only one in the rink (besides the Peanut Gallery) who can't see that this is a match of the same type of guy and it will not work. The other guy, the Boss, thinks he's going to take trade bait, who has been playing exceptionally well, and turn him into "Bobby Orr" by giving him huge amounts of ice with #39 but often with lesser lights and by asking him to exceed his demonstrated Offencive abilities...the stretch is still going on!

Now, here is where the blade stikes the ice, the rubber hits the road, the Sens succeed or fail on this one...I project that Picard plays reasonably well vs Tranna...trigering the Volchenkov switcheroo...#4 & #39; #17 & #24; leaving #14 with my man Picard and leaving absolutely every D-man with the wrong partner...the other option (or switcheroo II) which is just as bad is Carkner with Kuba .

What these gentlemen fail to realize is that ya got 3 NHLers and 3 AHLers so you have to apply yourself and your brain when you are coaching them and look for CHEMISTRY and a match...if we come out of this with anything other than the following we are in trouble...

#4 & #24

#17 & #14

#39 & #45

PS: Ya can't flop, flip and screw around with DEFENCE pairings like you can with forwards.

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