Sunday, November 8, 2009


Why Toronto and Montreal demand that Ottawa be discriminated against...

1) Small market but a pretty good team...way better than their teams.

2) Kovy and Alf , two 36 year old stars that they can't match.

3) Two fighters that both can play a little against their skill guys...look out!

4) A young coach with a plan that might work.

5) A non-corperate fan base that care about the team!

6) Jason a Toronto guy that they always coveted but could never have!

7) A place where French guys don't mind playing.

8) The Nation's Capital so they think we have to be diplomatic in all things.

9) Don't seem to care when the big hogs systematically steal all the resources of their respective provinces.

10) Try to apply the same system to our Division in NHL Hockey.

11) Our General Manager is wiser and more patient than their two guys put together.

12) We have an established "Captain" their teams don't.

13) We are the only Canadian Team in our Division who can truly compete with Boston in a play off round.

14) They know intuitively that we are the only ones who would put up with this Officiating imbalance!

15) Have Draft Choises coming, big skilled DEFENCEMEN, who will fill our boat and sink theirs!

16) Why did a very competant but "older" Referee in Chief chose to step down and go back on the ice did he have a secret he was afraid to share???

17) Toronto and Montreal think they are still in a six team house league and that one of them should win the Stanley Cup every year.

18) Of the three teams we are the only one to have a "Bona Fide" French Canadien goalie...Price is fading away and the "Monster" is unproven.

19) Alf gets high sticked, cut and downed late in a one goal game and we get a "Oh! I didn't see it from both Refs and two lines men...if that's Kessel in Tranna that whole crew is gone or gets 20 games in the American League as penance!

20) This is two years in a row "they" have tried this Refs don't like us...blown call...Oh "WE" missed it BS and it looks like they are going to get away with it again!!

Note: Feel free to add to this list, I am going to sent it to New York, New York with a CC to Tranna. Just so they have it on file for future reference,


  1. I just hope the Sens management is keeping video evidence of the calls against and the non-calls for and building a case to bring to the league and/or the public if necessary. The officiating has been killing them, and right or wrong, it needs to be held up to the microscope.

    I also agree with your call on CC needing to throw a highlight reel tantrum. Go for it CC. Show us what you're made of. Throw something, use a bad word, get ejected or fined if you have to. A timeout with a few seconds left in a game is a good idea too, and maybe just stand with your arms crossed, glaring at the ref the whole time.

  2. Oman:

    Right on...and also the Refs balance up late in games where it makes no difference...but it does for the totals!!!

    And we all know ya can't suck around the Refs so go the other way and put them on "Watch!"

    I like your late Time Out idea!