Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tough fights, big hits, good win!

Tranna does not play us like they are a last place club...good battle tonight.

Sainte-Pascal stole one in the third!

Mr. Eastwood, the Kessel first goal went in by Kuba (Thanks for the correction GN!) and the Stats man (our Dork!) charged it against #45 but there was no chance for Leclaire.

Fish is slowly bringing the wrist shot down...and into the net!

Kovy like fine wine just keeps getting better each game...they are starting to make our first line look bad.

Greg Carvel, ya can't play your fighter as a 4 man, you are stretching the man and again he and Philly are not a pair...looking bad on the second goal. As they made Pascal look bad on that one also.

No Volchenkov till next week at least so all you Picard experts, 22 minutes (2nd amoung your 6 D-men) a plus 1, sets up 2, saves the worst PP in the league...if he had puked it up as often as Kuba or Phillips tonight he would have been benched. #45 is playing his way out of here he is playing so well!


  1. Nik, the Kessel goal was straight in, saw it on reverse angle, from behind the net, not tip, or contact.
    I too thought (hoped?) it had been redirected, but no, just stinky.
    I was surprised to see Carks get rocked by Orr, no doubt he'll want a rematch on that one.
    Picard was good tonight, still some bad gaffs, but for a young kid, playing over his pay grade, he had a big impact night and should be pleased with himself.

  2. Also, the 2nd goal was due to a bad read by both 22 and 41. On the halfwall 22 turned back to cover the reverse, allowing Hagman to come off the boards, and 41 dragged his stick to cover the pass to the point, allowing Hagman to button hook toward the net and get the shot off. Neither Dman should have been in that play, as 22, the defensive centre was covering Hagman.

  3. GN:

    Excellent analysis...the young eyes told me it was a deflection...I didn't like either Leaf goal, but I love Sainte-Pascal's ego...mental toughtness.

    Second goal Kuba loses the puck and doesn't have the groins to persue Hagman...but he didn't get any help either.

    Now the first line (read #19) has got to opener up against Pitt!

  4. Agreed.
    All of the top line need to make it rain out there, they've been looking too rusty lately. Against BUF they absolutely must generate some offense, that team is so tight defensively.
    The grinders will need to pound the Pens top line, get them off their game, make Crosby fight, and Malkin shrivel up.

  5. GN:

    Second goal...poor Kuba I blame him for every thing...#4 & #39 were on the ice...no excuse...new set up HD...no tape; no CD used to have both...correction in the pipeline!

  6. You can't have your Dmen chasing players around! If Hagman came off the half wall, with 2 forwards within 2 feet of him, it ain't the D's fault he got a shot off!
    But I agree that Kuba struggled last night, big time.

  7. I generally quite enjoy your interpretations, Mr. Nik, but your preconceived notions are rather annoying. Case-in-point, your default criticism of Kubes vs. your blind praise of Picard. Open your mind and achieve an enlightened state of hockey analysis.

  8. Derrick, you are another "Kuba" dupe...you have been duped by his (#17s) size and his earnings...he played well for his first ten games for us last year...6'5" and 225lbs and $3.7 per...I ain't buyin' no more!!!Hit somebody ya big lug.

    PS: As I told you before when the old pros come to camp "groined up!" it's trouble...if nothing else ya can't play full out...example #41!

  9. Two things about carkner... I agree with you that he is being played too much. that is more a function of how few decent D-men we have, rather than Carks being a legit top 4 guy. Nonetheless, he has done very well and I would rather see him than Campoli or that douche Lee. Secondly, Orr certainly rang Carkner's bell, but I didn't see the smile leave Cark's face during the rest of the game. His nose will have been sore, but what hockey player didn't go home with a sore face from time to time?! Fighters can't win them all and you take a few punches if your job is to dish them out. I remember Larry Robinson kicking the shit out of Schultz, the famous Flyer tough guy who had rarely tasted fist. That didn't diminish Schultz any... There is no arguing the fact that Carkner is as tough as anyone in the league and probably a better player than most fighters.

    As for Pascal... What is it about Ottawa that we seem to sap the confidence from these kids? I don't understand. So many good young goalies and they all end up run out of town! As for Pascal, I still think he'll be the answer to our goalie problems of the past. I'm not too worried about it, if only because he makes the big save when he needs to - even after a bad goal earlier in a game. I remember Dryden, Esposito, Vachon, Resche, Roy, Brodeur, Hasek etc... all let in a few stinkers during their career.

    Lastly, I do not share your excitement for Kovalev. Sorry nik, i just do not see this guy having the drive to be an impact player. Skill - Hell Ya! Desire... Hmmmm...

    Cheechoo is done. Said it before he got here, still saying it.

    Too bad Heatley had to fill the net down there and prove all the idiots wrong here who said he was a dog. I remember you having to explain what a 50-goal man means to a team. I miss that friggin dog - let me tell ya!


  10. Grinder, I miss the goals, but not the man.
    We lost with him...and suffered all the more for it, so losing without him is actually an improvement...I guess.