Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Home Game...their Refs!

We think, and it seems like, 90% of the Refs were born and brought up in the GTA!

Control...we're looking for a completely under control 3-1 victory.

If we get our one (1) PP early watch out the Zebra's Game MGMT Plan is in effect!

#19, #11 & #27 still scare these bums so show 'em what ya got!

Leave #39 & #45 together for the entire game...gettin' ready for #24's return!

Sainte-Pascal will make Kessel's wrist shot look Minor League!

Skate these guys, I think Burkie's Defence is slow!

If the "Chaperone" hits #55 hard...early...he goes away for the whole night!

CiCi your "on" if there is a stream to the penalty box, tonight, in your building half full of Leaf Nation, do something...options:

1) Throw water bottle @ Lines Man.

2) Call a time out and just stare at the Ref for 30 seconds...show him up!

3) Greg asks the second Ref the same question the other guy just answered for you...Repeat!

4) Send the "Chaperone" to the Time Keeper's Region to ask for explanations or to just simply stare the boy down!

6) Call the good Cop to your bench and without swearing, start screeming and slobering in his face!

7) Have a Pocket Sized copy of the Rule Book in your back pocket...suitable for producing for the fans!

8) If all else fails pull the team to your bench and wait him out!

Note: A lot of these are losers but it's time, ya gotta make your bones with these guys cause they are going to try and give it to you in the throat tonight!

Note II: CiCi this is going to cost you ten grand the best money ya ever spent!


  1. Yes, give'm hell CC. Go for the fine. Money well spent. Get on the highlight reels! A public protest may now be required.

  2. Oman:

    I hope it doesn't come to this but it sure looks like the set up is in place!