Sunday, October 4, 2009


In my era, ya didn't break camp and go to T.O. for the 2nd game of the season with two guys who wear a # in the forties and your fighter on the third line. Note: Shannon not expected to play.

Wake up CiCi...ya got caught trying to play your 4th line against their 2nd in New York...this 3rd line is not structured properly and subject to a mismatch...

Kelly comes up to his old 3rd line center position, Petr to the wing for now (he is not strong enough without Fish to cary two lead foots) and take your pick of Cheech/Neil to complete your line. Note 2: Regin can go to either wing...depending who you choose.

Leave your DEFENCE for now...working at it every minute in practice, with the proviso that two bad games gets you replaced by my man Picard!

Note 3: Pascal will win the game in Toronto for us because he is better than they are!


  1. Why Campoli got the start ahead of Picard, I'll never know... If Campoli has another boneheaded game like that, then Picard better be in for the home opener.

    I fully agree about Karlsson and Kovalev on the 1st unit (from the last post) but I think CC is taking a long-term view of it. He's letting them earn it...but if the idiots on the 1st unit keep throwing it away, he might have to skip the earning it phase.

    Kelly better pick it up if he wants to stay on this team. He isn't any better a match for that 3rd line than one of the other two... The problem with that line is Regin. He is a 2nd line centre. Putting Fisher between Cheech and Chips would be better.

    I also don't think the Regin-Kovalev tandem makes any sense. The only player kovalev is suited to play with on this team is Spezza. I don't care if they both play a puck possession game...they both read each other well and are, believe it or not, capable of playing without the puck.

    Michalek and Spezza isn't going to work. Michalek belongs next to Shannon, Fisher, and Foligno (any two).

    There are a lot of possibilities with this lineup, but CC is busy forcing square pegs into round holes---and vise-versa.

  2. fds:

    The PP has to work in Tranna...cause they are going to own our third line!!

    If they let Picard rot it will be the blunder of the season.

    PS: Injuries are such a huge factor.

  3. You're one letter away from spelling should get some kind of hyphen in there.

  4. How about Burkocracy---short for pompous, egomaniacal, pretentious, vainglorious, windbag-town.

    oh...and truculent.