Saturday, October 3, 2009

CiCi ya got out coached!

CiCi...Chris Phillips is not an offencive threat...he gives you 22 minutes, let the man play his game. Quit blowing smoke up his arse.

The "D" man coming late, the 4th man, must...must hit the net!!!If not it's a goal the other way!

CiCi...Jason Spezza is not a Penalty Killer.

Schribes called...2-3-4times..."Michalek unable to finish!!" We shall reserve judgement until he gets ten chances and his first goal.

CiCi...give Kovy the #1 Power Play and let him run it with Special K!

Boys...we are no longer a "shooting" offence so get to the f*&^%$# front of the net and get your f*&^%$# nose dirty!

CiCi...don't play your "4th line like a 2nd line" you were warned about this temptation!

Cheechoo was invisible.

Carkner was OK! He gets Tranna!


  1. The Caboose wasen't invisible, he could quite visibilly be seen shambling all over the ice like a man who's had two hernia surgeries and is feeling it.

    What'd you think about Erik? My thoughts - his defensive game needs to mature in the A.

    All in all, relatively decent showing by a team coming off an 8 day break on the first game of the season on the road for another team's opener.

  2. Boo urns. Cheechoo was thoroughly invisible, where he should not have been. Karlsson was poor. Our defense was poor to a man. Campoli, Karlsson, Phillips were poor in particular. Boo!

  3. Derrick:

    The "Pup" gets his 10 games.


    Our ALD is leaderless back there and it shows...if ya didn't know better (me) you would think Carkner was our lead D-man.

    Note: We have to beat Tranna and then regroup...PP and D-man drills for hours...whole practices even!

  4. How do you mention shit D, Hambown, and not mention Volchenkov? That was the worst game I think I've ever seen him play.