Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"It's the Power Play!...CiCi.

Let Jason get his own PP with Picard and Shannon on the points, big #9 and Neil in front.

The number "one" PP should be the "PUP" with Kuba for reinforcement...mental, with Fish in front, Alf on the loose lurking and "Kovy" on his wrong wing down low just givin' 'er!

It's all about the Power Play...we got the pieces...ya gotta make it work or we are gone...and you are gone!

PS: Alexandre was the only PP point man to set up a clean one timer to the down low man from the face off circle... in all those PPs last night!

PPS: To D. Brennan...FYI... the "Plusqueparfait" of "give 'er" is "just givin' 'er!"

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