Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's hear it for the 3 - 4 pair!

All they did was take care of Lecavalier and his all the fights...move the puck out of their own zone with precision...lead the team in Plus Minus by a mile...score a the most shifts 24, log the most ice time 24:24...and in general be the nicest surprise of this young season DEFENCIVELY where we need it the most.

To all you non believers and call in show experts...wake up! "I told you so!"

Now...don't break 'em up they are much stronger together as a team of perfectly matched heavy horses.

Note: Alf and l'Artiste bring their Magic Show to Snow White (Bob Gainey) and the Seven Dwarfs tomorow night at the Bell Centre.

PS: 3-4 is better known as "the Chaperone" and just call me "Plus Picard!"

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