Saturday, October 10, 2009

An American League DEFENCE!

For the benifit of all you guys who don't know the difference between our Defence Corps. and an NHL group...and you know who you are: Milks; Anonymous 4:34; Gordie Wilson; SLC; Nichols; G.N., Pynch; Duff and many more too numerous to mention.

Note: 1) the "Nuts" of your DEFENCE has not changed from last year, you have added Carkner from the "A" and Karlsson from Frolunda=the "A".

2) What has have added a spectacular goalie and a couple of forwards with the speed and the "will" to back check but this just happens to be the difference between the A and the "SHOW!"

Note: For your information Alexandre Picard, #45, who Tampa wanted to retain; twenty minutes of ice, plus 2, 1 point, has more ice time and has out played Campoli (who Islanders allowed to leave) the last two games.

Note 2: Watch the man play his position, he's the only one we got who knows where he's supposed to front of our net. Alex knows when your under the gun you go up the boards but you still complete the pass to our guys not theirs. Ya force your man wide to the boards and then track him behind the net but you don't let him come out toward the net and make a play.

Note 3: Chris Phillips is our leader back there but a defencive D-man cannot lead the group contrary to what you and Gordie think...we still need an offencive Stud back there; in time we may grow one but he's not here yet. The Sens D-Corps. is still out of the correct pecking order.

Note 4) Philippé is not this man either!

So don't blame me and don't put words in my mouth, your goalie has stollen two games for you against the door mats let's see what we got against the big boys???


  1. AndrewK is a Leaf's FanOctober 10, 2009 at 12:37 PM

    Come on Canucnik. Cut to the chase... we all know that our defense is weak and will be exposed. One can only hope that the offense gets moving before that happens.

    Btw, is the Pup giving you a cut of his earnings beyond the 9 game mark? He isn't ready for the show, and you know it. One trip out west and he'll have nothing but horrible plus-minus stats, upper body bruises, and a ton of penalties to show for it.

  2. I'm beginning to believe in Picard.

  3. owa:

    Another strong game tonight for Mr. Picard...watched 'em up close tonight...haven'y formulated my thoughts yet.